Electronics Electro-Mechanical Analogies

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    The ambition of electro-mechanical analogies is to accommodate electrical and automated apparatus in a simple graphical way that illustrates the behavior of the system. Of course, one needs to be accustomed with simple lumped electrical systems to acknowledge the analogy. This is acceptable because these circuits and procedures are still acclimated in the transducer industry to archetypal shakers, speakers, activating microphones, and additional systems .

    The two analogies amid electrical and automated systems are the impedance affinity and the advancement analogy.

     Automated Electrical Equivalent

     Impedance Analog

     abeyant Force F(t) Voltage V(t)

     alteration Acceleration u(t) Accepted i(t)

     Advancement Analog

     abeyant Acceleration u(t) Voltage V(t)

     alteration Force F(t) Accepted i(t)

    The impedance analog is generally easier for alotof acousical systems while the advancement analog added byitself represents automated systems. It aswell may be easier to draw one analog or the additional in some cases.

    1) The Agnate Spring

    2) The Agnate Mass

    3) The Agnate Resistance



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