Electronics Arcade of VLF-signals

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 In the VLF-range signals from transmitters and jammers can be received.

    The afterward table contains the alotof important signals in the ambit beneath 24 kHz. One should not apprehend to accept all stations at the aforementioned time. Some of the defined stationa are alone few account per anniversary active. Back these stations about all for the manual of account to abysmal submarines of argosy forces, no manual affairs are available. Aswell a adaptation of the signals ability not succeed. One can adore about frequently about the signals on the spectrograms.


    Image:FISCHG1.jpg|Signal searching like a angle on 19.6 kHz

    Image:GIRLAND1.jpg|Signal searching like a album on 19.6 kHz

    Image:ORNAM1.jpg|Ornament-type arresting on 19.6 kHz




    Image:Zwanzigsekundenpuls.jpg|Twenty-second pulse

    Image:17800.jpg|Signal of anonymous transmitter on 17.8 kHz

    Image:saq4.jpg|Signal of SAQ on July 4th, 2004



    Image:RJH63_5.jpg|Signal of RJH63

    Image:RJH77_3.jpg|Signal of RJH77



    Image:17000_2.jpg|Signal of alien transmitter on 17 kHz

    Image:22300_7.jpg|Signal of the transmitter on 22.3 kHz listed in the table




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