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    Encoders are disks army on the arbor of e.g. a motor in such a way that they about-face forth with said axle. There are individual approach encoders which accept a individual annular arrangement of slots. These are frequently acclimated to admeasurement the acceleration of a axle. There are aswell encoder with assorted channels, generally with arrangement afterward a specific code, e.g. Blah code. These Encoder are acclimated to ascertain a position rather than a speed.

    =Incremental Encoders=



    These Encoder charge a individual IR-LED and IR-phototransitor brace to admeasurement speed. A additional brace placed so that if the first one is in the average of a marking, the additional one avalanche on an bend of a marking, allows you to admeasurement acceleration and direction. This methode is frequently acclimated in computer mice.

    Unless there is a added appearance and IR-LED / IR-phototransistor pair, these encoders accept no alpha position.

    =Position Encoders=

    These encoder use assorted channels with arrangement afterward a specific cipher in adjustment to encode the position of the arbor they are army on. Anniversary approach needs its own IR-LED and IR-phototransistor pair.



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