Googles Trap, DMOZs Nap, And Yahoo!s Applesauce by Administrator Phillips

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Google s Trap, DMOZ s Nap, And Yahoo! s Crap

by: Administrator Phillips

On November 16th, 2003, Google commenced an amend (the Florida update) which had a adverse aftereffect for a actual ample amount of websites and, in the process, angry seek engine enhancement upside down. It is accepted to accord alphabetical names to Google s updates in the actual aforementioned way that names are accustomed to hurricanes, and this one became accepted as "Florida".

In a nutshell, a all-inclusive amount of pages, some of which had ranked at or abreast the top of the after-effects for a actual continued time, alofasudden abolished from the after-effects altogether.

To so some on the Internet, Google has become the almighty "hand of God" and it s sickening! Why are so some humans falling into the allurement of optimizing their website s to baby to Google s ever-changing algorithms? I debris to play that game! I alone could affliction beneath about my seek engine rankings. I never have. My seek engine rankings go up and down like a yo-yo! They accept for years. Yet, I m still able to calmly abutment myself and my family.

If you alone bethink one affair from this article, bethink this: DO NOT DEPEND Alone ON Seek ENGINES FOR YOUR TRAFFIC! Acquisition another means to allure cartage to your website. If you re advantageous abundant to accomplish a top seek engine ranking, accede it a bonus. But DO NOT Create THE Seek ENGINES A PRIORITY!

Why? Because if you stop to accede that Google , DMOZ and Yahoo! has millions and millions of pages in their directories, you d absolutely accept a bigger adventitious of acceptable the lottery, than accepting top abundant in the after-effects pages area it s traveling to create a cogent aberration in your traffic.

In fact, I accept a actual tiny allotment of my cartage from the seek engines.

So, area s my cartage advancing from? Well, the all-inclusive majority of it comes from the dozens of onlinewriting I ve accounting that accept been best up and appear on accepted websites. I aswell get cartage via chat of mouth, newsletters that my onlinewriting are appear in, and a few additional abstruse methods that I use.

Yes, like Colonel Sanders, I too accept a abstruse recipe!

And if all of the seek engines abolished tomorrow, I d be just fine, because I m a business man. I understand how to bazaar myself and my service. I was advantageous abundant to be built-in a "baby boomer." That agency I had the account and advantage of alone seeing first-hand, some of the greatest copywriting in history. I took lots of addendum and abstruse my acquaint well.

Back then, mailorder was the Internet of its time, and boy was there business aptitude everywhere! You should absolutely do yourself a favor ancient and go to the library and apprehend the old mailorder books. Some abundant titles to attending for include, "How To Get Affluent In Mail Order," by Melvin Powers, "Money In Your MailBox," by L. Perry Wilbur, "How To Create A Affluence In Mail Order," by Al Ascetic and "Building A Mail Adjustment Business," by William A. Cohen .

You ll appear abroad a lot smarter and you ll ascertain some able means to bazaar your website, besides the seek engines.

Will somebody deathwatch up DMOZ? I apprehend they re sleeping on the job. DMOZ (The Accessible Agenda Project) is addition prime archetype of why you shouldn t depend on seek engines or directories. I ve heard and apprehend endless abhorrence belief about DMOZ demography 9 months to a year or added to add new sites to their directory, and in some cases not abacus altogether able sites at all. I ve aswell heard their agenda is not kept up to date, because the editors can t accumulate up with the workload.

In addition, it s been broadly appear that they don t acknowledge to e-mails, don t acquaint you if and if you re website is rejected, and that some of the editors are abrupt and arrogant.

Who cares how abundant weight Google places on getting listed in DMOZ? You don t accept to put up with that nonsense! Acquisition another means to allure cartage to your website.

Yahooooooooooooooooo! I wish you to apprehend what it says on the advice page for appointment to Yahoo! Express:

"We accustomed Yahoo! Accurate as allotment of a apartment of casework that Yahoo! has created to account baby business needs. Through Yahoo! Express, we can ensure that sites appropriate by merchants such as yourself are beheld and evaluated in a appropriate address by Yahoo! s beat staff.

Your transaction and accord in Yahoo! Accurate guarantees that aural seven business canicule a affiliate of Yahoo! s beat agents will attending at your website and accede it for admittance in the Yahoo! directory.

Please accumulate in apperception that transaction does not automatically agreement admittance in the directory, website placement, or website commentary. As with all sites appropriate to us, final judgement charcoal alone with Yahoo! editors. Yahoo! Accurate Guarantees All Yahoo! Accurate submissions will be evaluated aural seven business days. You will accept an email acknowledgment aural seven business days, advertence whether your access is accustomed or declined. (If your access is denied, you will be told why.) The Amount of Yahoo! Accurate Yahoo! Accurate requires a US $299.00 non-refundable, alternating anniversary fee per submission, or US $600.00 non-refundable, alternating anniversary fee for submissions alms developed agreeable and/or services. Yahoo! Accurate does not agreement a advertisement in the Yahoo! directory, nor does it agreement the blazon of adjustment or description that your website will accept if accepted. Amuse apprehend our Yahoo! Accurate Agreement of Account to analysis the agreement and altitude of Yahoo! Express."

Are you badinage me? What a agglomeration of crap! Why, why, why would anyone wish to just duke over their money to Yahoo! that way, after any blazon of guarantee?

I ve just accustomed you animated examples of the airs and absolute abridgement of account Google , DMOZ and Yahoo! has for the actual humans they depend on to accumulate them in business.

I say we appearance them the aforementioned affectionate of account they appearance us. Get out of the Google trap, let DMOZ nap, and don t acquire Beast s crap!

Remember: DO NOT DEPEND Alone ON Seek ENGINES FOR YOUR TRAFFIC! Acquisition another means to allure cartage to your website. If you re advantageous abundant to accomplish a top seek engine ranking, accede it a bonus. But DO NOT Create THE Seek ENGINES A PRIORITY!

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