Autograph Pages with Formatting An addition to basal syntax

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    Writing Pages with Wiki Formatting



    Chapter 1: An addition to basal Wiki syntax

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    While HTML does plan on Wikis, it is not the best way. On a wiki, you are accepted to use wiki formatting, which is a appropriate way of administration text.

    Like in HTML, you can create your argument adventurous and italic. However, the syntax is absolutely altered on a wiki. Like HTML, you accept aperture tags and closing tags. They attending different, though.

    To create argument italic, you put two individual quotes about the argument you ambition to create italic. For example, if you put this in:


    Wikibooks is great!


    you will get this:

    Wikibooks is great!

    However, lets say you dont wish italic text. You wish adventurous argument that will angle out from your text. Accomplishing this is actual agnate to authoritative italic argument -- you put three individual quotes about the argument you would like to create bold.


    Important stuff!


    will aftereffect in this:

    Important stuff!

    If you wish to create your argument adventurous and italic at the aforementioned time, put 5 (3 + 2) individual quotes on the abandon of the argument you wish to be both.


    This stands out added than annihilation abroad on the page.


    This creates the following:

    This stands out added than annihilation abroad on the page.

    Now you accept the basics on how to create argument assertive way.

    If you are autograph an commodity on Wikipedia, affairs are, youll wish to hotlink to agnate pages aural Wikipedia. Or, what if you wish to hotlink to a wiki, but not Wikipedia? All this will be covered in this section.

    The simplest way of bond is aural the aforementioned wiki. All you accept to do is put two brackets (a [ is a bracket) about the commodity you would like to hotlink to. If you would like to hotlink to the foreground page of this book, artlessly put . You will get this: .

    By the way, if you wish to address Wiki syntax after it getting translated into the adapted argument (for example, authoritative italics), you beleaguer the block of argument with and .

    Now, lets say you would like to adduce as one of your references for your Wikibook. This can infact be done in a agnate way as above! The aberration is, you accept to put some argument in foreground of the link. If you wish to hotlink to the Wiktionary analogue of brown, you would accept to put . This will aftermath .

    Note that the :d: adjustment for Wiktionary bond acclimated on Wikipedia and abroad will not plan on Wikibooks for some reason.

    However, you apprehension one thing: you dont wish your hotlink to say Wiktionary:brown. You wish it to say Amber analogue at Wiktionary! Dont worry, theres a way to do this. To hotlink to a wiki page, but accept the argument attending different, do the following:

    That way, you could accept as .

    Linking to a altered website is actual easy. In fact, it can be abbreviated into bulleted steps. To hotlink to an alien website,

    Note that for wiki links, you use two brackets, but for alien links, you use alone one.

    For example, [ Google] will aftermath [ Google]. If you dont put down text, then the hotlink argument will be a number. For example, [] will aftereffect in this: []. The numbers will change dynamically so you can use any amount of links after descriptions and anniversary will accept its own different ID.



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