Modular and fractal Robots

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    A apprentice is about advised for one accurate activity, or at best a few carefully accompanying activities. This of advance isnt the ideal bearings as some jobs crave a ample amount of actual differend activities. For example, architecture the walls of a abode and installing accouterments and electricity crave actual altered accoutrement and techniques. In convenance this agency youll end up designing either several altered robots or one actual complicated one.

    Modular robotics is one acknowledgment to such problems. Modular robots abide of a amount of absolute parts, usually cubes, which can move and affix themselves in some altered ways. Anniversary of the cubes accept their own ability accumulation and intelligence and can accept specific tools. If a problem is fed to its computer, it analyses it and connects the cubes in such a way that it can break the problem.

    Idealy such a apprentice would abide of a actual ample amount of actual baby identical cubes. This is agnate to the way plants, animals or bodies are consisting of some cells, which are about identical, with the aberration that blueprint would appear in software rather than in actinic composition.

    The aberration amid fractal and modular robotics is that the above allows assorted sizes of cubes and the closing does not.

    See [] and [ Fractal Robots] and [ modular robots] for added advice in this affectionate of robots.



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