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    There is one God, and one Advocate amid God and men, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself a ransom. 1 Tim. 2:5,6

    Who is this abundant One whom Jehovah God has so awful honored, and who, by the adroitness of God, is our Redeemer and Savior? it is befitting that we realize, first of all, our own benightedness of the subject, and our affliction to ability a cessation except as the all-powerful Chat shall acquaint us. Secondly, it is befitting, at the actual alpha of our investigation, that we bethink the Apostles affidavit apropos the abundance of this Mediator, and the account due to him. He says, Him hath God awful exalted, and accustomed him a name that is aloft every name , that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow. It is accounting also, That all men should account the Son even as they account the Father. Phil. 2:9; John 5:23

    Searching the Scriptures anxiously to agenda just what they do say, and what they do not say, apropos our Aristocrat Jesus, we acquisition their affidavit actual explicit, adapted and satisfactory. We will first state, in synoptical form, what we acquisition to be the Scriptural teaching, the proofs of which we will accord added along.

    (1) Our Redeemer existed as a spirit getting afore he was create beef and dwelt amidst men.

    (2) At that time, as able-bodied as subsequently, he was appropriately accepted as a god--a boss one. As arch of the angels and next to the Father, he was accepted as the Archangel (highest angel or messenger), whose name , Michael, signifies, Who as God, or Gods representative.

    (3) As he was the accomplished of all Jehovahs creation, so aswell he was the first, the absolute conception of God, the Alone Begotten, and then he, as Jehovahs representative, and in the exercise of Jehovahs power, and in his name , created all things--angels, principalities and powers, as able-bodied as the alluvial creation.

    (4) If he was create flesh, to be our Redeemer, it was not of compulsion, but a autonomous matter, the aftereffect of his complete accord with the Father, and his blithesome acceptance in accustomed out every affection of the all-powerful will-- which he had abstruse to account and love, as the actual aspect of Justice, Acumen and Love.

    (5) This abasement to mans action was not advised to be perpetual. It able its purpose if our Aristocrat had accustomed himself, a animal being, as our ransom, or agnate price. Hence, his awakening was not in the flesh, but, as the Advocate declares, He was put to afterlife in the beef but quickened in spirit. 1 Pet. 3:18

    (6) His awakening not alone adequate to him a spirit nature, but in accession conferred aloft him a still college honor, and, as the Fathers accolade for his faithfulness, create him bedfellow of the all-powerful nature--the actual accomplished of the spirit natures,5 bedevilled of immortality.

    (7) It is this abundant One, who has been appropriately awful astral and accustomed by Jehovah, whom we contentment to account and to adoration and to serve, as one with the Adorable Father, in word, in work, in purpose and in spirit.

    Let us now accede the Scriptural evidences substantiating these positions. We activate with the first affiliate of Johns Gospel. Actuality our Lord, in his prehuman existence, is referred to as The Chat (Greek, Logos). In the alpha was the Logos. Dr. Alexander Clarke says, apropos this Chat Logos: This appellation should be larboard untranslated for the aforementioned cause that the name s Jesus and Christ are larboard untranslated. As every appellation of the Savior of the apple was anecdotic of some excellencies in his person, nature, or work, so the epithet, Logos, which signifies a word, a Chat spoken, speech, eloquence, doctrine, reason, or the adroitness of reason, is actual appropriately activated to him. The Evangelist, in his epistle, uses the aforementioned appellation in account to our Aristocrat again, denominating him the Chat of life, or the Logos of life. 1 John 1:1

    The title, Chat of God--Logos of God--is a actual applicable one by which to call the important plan or appointment of our Master, above-mentioned to his advancing into the world. The Logos was the adorable Fathers absolute announcement of creation, while all consecutive expressions of all-powerful wisdom, ability and advantage were create through the Logos. It is said that in antiquarian times assertive kings create addresses to their capacity by proxy, the baron sitting abaft a screen, while his Chat or agent stood afore the screen, and addressed the humans aloud on capacity aside to him by the king, who was not seen: and such a apostle was termed The Kings Logos. Whether or not the fable be true, it able-bodied illustrates the use of this Chat Logos in affiliation with the prehuman actuality of our Aristocrat and Adept and his actual admirable appointment as the Fathers representative, which the Scriptures, in this affiliation and elsewhere, point out as accepting been his office.

    Be it acclaimed that the Apostle, autograph beneath inspiration, tells us that The Logos was in the alpha with the God, and the Logos was a God. This is the accurate adaptation of the Greek, as can be readily accepted by any one, whether a Greek academic or not. The Greek commodity ho precedes the first Chat God, in this verse, and does not announce the additional Chat God, appropriately carefully advertence God the Ancestor and God the Son in a case area after the commodity the clairvoyant would be larboard in confusion. Analogously the commodity precedes the Chat God in the additional verse. The absolute ballad accordingly reads--

    In the alpha was the Word, and the Chat was with [ho theos] the God, and the Chat was [theos] a God. The aforementioned was in the alpha with [ho theos] the God. John 1:1

    What alpha is actuality referred to? Absolutely not the alpha of the actuality of Jehovah, the God, the Father; because he is from abiding to everlasting, and never had a beginning. (Psa. 41:13; 90:2; 106:48) But Jehovahs plan had a beginning, and it is to this that advertence is actuality made--the alpha of creation. The statement, appropriately understood, implies that our Aristocrat Jesus, in his prehuman existence, as the Logos, was with the Ancestor in the actual alpha of creation. This confirms the aggressive account that the Logos himself was the alpha of the conception of God: this is the absolute account of the Apostle, who assures us that our Aristocrat is not alone the Arch of the body, the Church, and the ancient from the dead, but aswell the alpha of all creation--that in all things he ability accept the pre-eminence. His words are: He is the angel of the airy God--first built-in of all creation; because by him were all things created, those in the blast and those on the earth, arresting and invisible, whether thrones or lordships, or governments, or authorities: all things were created by him and for him, and he precedes all things, and in him all things accept been assuredly placed. (Col. 1:15-18) Apprehend aswell the Chat of apocalypse apropos the Alone Begotten, not alone declaring his advancing acclaim as Baron of alluvial kings, but anecdotic him as already getting Jehovahs first-born, saying, I will create him, my first-born, college than the kings of the earth. (Psa. 89:27) Agenda aswell that our Aristocrat (referring to his own origin), declares himself to be, The affectionate and true witness, the alpha of the conception of God. Rev. 3:14

    In accord with this anticipation of our Lords pre-eminence from the actual beginning, as the ancient of every creature, and in accord with the anticipation that he was the Logos or Announcement of the Adorable Father, in account to every matter, is the next account of the Evangelists record, viz., All things through him came into existence; and after him came into actuality not even one affair which hath appear into existence. (John 1:3, Rotherhams translation.) What a admirable anticipation this gives us apropos the majesty of the Alone Begotten Son of God, the Logos! From this standpoint of his aboriginal abundance and pre-eminence, we accept a clearer appearance than from any additional of the acceptation of the Apostles words, He who was rich, for our sakes became poor, that we through his abjection ability become rich. (2 Cor. 8:9) From this standpoint we can see how affluent he was in the account and celebrity of which he himself create acknowledgment in prayer, saying, Father, acclaim me with thine own self, with the celebrity which I had with thee afore the apple was. (John 17:5) Although aggregate affiliated with the all-powerful plan of accretion is wonderful, alarming in its manifestations of all-powerful love, mercy, accord for collapsed men, yet, from this standpoint of view, all is reasonable--consistent with the all-powerful appearance and statement.

    Those who authority that our Aristocrat Jesus never had an actuality until he was built-in a bairn at Bethlehem accept a actual inferior appearance of the all-powerful plan for mans succor; and they are larboard after a use for the some scriptures aloft cited, and others, about to our Lords celebrity with the Ancestor afore the apple was, about to his abundant stoop, in which he ashamed himself to yield a attributes a little lower than the angelic, abrogation accordingly a attributes that was aloft that of angels. And the Scriptural appearance relieves us of all the absurd and beguiling theories of men, by which, in attempting to account the Son, they accept gone above the Chat of God, and accept abandoned the Chat of the Aristocrat and the apostles, which acknowledge him to accept been the Son or baby of God, and that the Ancestor is greater than the Son. The false appearance has complex its millions of adherents in adherent adversity in every direction.

    ---Its true:

    It satisfies our longings as annihilation abroad can do.

    These statements apropos our Aristocrat Jesus, that he was the alpha of the conception of God, and that he had, therefore, an actuality continued afore he came into the apple as a man, to be our Redeemer, are absolutely accepted by assorted scriptures, a sample of which is the statement, God beatific his alone begotten Son into the apple that we ability accept activity through him. (1 John 4:9) Actuality the account alotof absolutely is that he was Gods Son afore he came into the world, and that, as Gods Son, he was accustomed a mission in the apple to perform. Nor should it be disregarded that here, as in some additional instances, the Logos is appointed The Alone Begotten Son of God. The anticipation conveyed by this announcement is that the Logos was himself the alone absolute conception or bearing of the Adorable Father, while all others of Gods sons (angels as able-bodied as men), were his aberrant conception through the Logos. Appropriately the propriety, the truthfulness, of the statement, that he is the Alone Begotten Son of God.

    Take addition illustration: God beatific not his Son into the apple to adjudge the world, but that the apple through him ability be saved. (John 3:17) Actuality afresh his prehuman actuality is adumbrated in the sending and mission. And these statements apropos the Logos are in abounding accordance with the story of the matter, presented to us by the Evangelist, who declares, He was in the world, and the apple was create by him, and the apple knew him not. And again, The Logos was create beef and dwelt amidst us, abounding of adroitness and truth; and we beheld the celebrity of him, a celebrity as of an alone begotten one from a father. (John 1:10,14) Our Lords own statements apropos his antecedence are indisputable. He never accustomed Joseph to be his father; nor did he anytime accede his alluvial activity to be the alpha of his existence.

    On the contrary, apprehension that he always referred to Jehovah as his Father. Bethink his words, Say ye of him whom the Ancestor hath all-powerful and beatific into the world, Thou blasphemest, because I said, I am the Son of God? (John 10:36) To Mary, his alluvial mother, he said, Wist ye not that I haveto be about my Fathers business? (Luke 2:49) To his aggregation he declares, I came down from heaven. I am the aliment of activity which came down from heaven. (John 6:38,51) Some in his day disbelieved this, and some discount it still, but its accuracy remains. Some of those who heard said, How can this be? And some of his aggregation said, if they heard it, This is a harder saying: who can apprehend it? If Jesus knew in himself that his aggregation murmured at it, he said unto them, Doth this affront you? What and if ye shall see the Son of man arise up area he was before? But from that time some of the aggregation went aback and absolved no added with him; because of this affirmation of adorable agent and prehuman existence. John 6:60-66

    Hear him afresh afore the Pharisees, proclaiming the aforementioned truth, saying, I understand beginning I came, and whither I go...I am from above,...I am not of this world;...I proceeded alternating and came from God; neither came I of myself, but he beatific me...It is my Ancestor that heareth me, and if I should say that I understand him not, I shall be a liar. Then said the Jews unto him, Art thou greater than our Ancestor Abraham? Jesus answered, Your ancestor Abraham animated to see my day: and he saw it and was glad. (Abraham saw Christs day with the eye of faith; assertive the all-powerful affiance apropos Messiah. He may accept apparent his day of sacrifice, embodied in the alms of Isaac his alone son, but at all contest he saw Messiahs advancing glory-day, the Millennium, and its blessings aloft all the families of the earth, through this promised Seed. And no admiration the anticipation create him glad. He with the eye of acceptance beheld the adorable city, the New Jerusalem, the adored Church, the Commonwealth class, and he beheld analogously the adorable country --the apple adored by that Kingdom. (Heb. 11:10,16; 12:22; 13:14)

    Then said the Jews unto him [Jesus], Thou art not yet fifty years old, and hast thou apparent Abraham? [Abraham had been asleep two thousand years.] Jesus said unto them, Verily, absolutely I say unto you, afore Abraham was, I am. John 8:14,23,42-58

    There can be no aberration about the acceptation of these words. Our Aristocrat avers that he existed afore Abraham. Nor do the Scriptures in any abode affectionate that the actuality of the Alone Begotten anytime accomplished from the time it began, as the alpha of the conception of God, until it accomplished at Affliction for three days; afterwards which he was aloft from the asleep to die no more, afterlife accepting never added ascendancy over him. (Rom. 6:9) The adventure of his bearing as a animal being, a little lower than the angels, for the purpose of getting mans sin-sacrifice, did not absorb a afterlife to the spirit attributes above-mentioned the bearing as a animal babe, but alone a transference of his activity from a college or spirit attributes to a lower or animal nature. Appropriately our Lords words, Afore Abraham was I am, announce that there had been no abeyance of his actuality at any time in the interim, and absolutely identifies Jesus, the Son of God, in the flesh, with the Logos, the ancient of all creation. Of advance our Lords affidavit was not accustomed by some who heard it, nor has it been accustomed by some since. There seems to be a perversity of disposition, which leads flesh to adios the simple, apparent statements of the Lords Word, and to adopt to attention our Aristocrat either as a amiss affiliate of the collapsed race, or abroad as his own father. Alone the acquiescent are accessible to accept with backwardness the engrafted word, which is able to create absolutely wise, and alone for such is the Chat of Gods affidavit intended. (Isa. 61:1; Jas. 1:21) As those who heard the Master, and alone his testimony, took up stones adjoin him, so some who apprehend the accuracy and adios it now are accessible to stone, figuratively, all who acquire and advise the Masters words, in their simplicity. And now, as then, the cause is because they understand neither the Father, nor the Son, as they care to understand them--as they acknowledge themselves.

    Our Lords words are still applicative to the case, viz., No man knoweth the Son but the Father, neither knoweth any man the Ancestor save the Son, and he to whom the Son will acknowledge him. (Matt. 11:27) The apple knew him not: knew not of his top origin, and his abundant abasement on its behalf; and if we bethink that a continued aeon of time apparently intervened amid the alpha of the conception in the being of our Lord, and the time if he was create flesh, and if added we bethink that during all that aeon he was with the Father, circadian his delight, amusement consistently afore him, we cannot admiration that the Son knew the Father, as his aggregation and the apple knew him not--as we are acquirements to understand him through his Chat of adumbration and the unfoldment of his admirable plan of the ages. Apprehend him afresh declare, O angelic Father, the apple hath not accepted thee, but I accept accepted thee. John 17:25

    The key to this admirable ability of adorable things is furnished in the statement, He that is of the apple is earthy, and speaketh of the earth; he that cometh from heaven is aloft all, and what he hath apparent and heard, that he testifies. (John 3:31,32) No wonder, then, that even his opponents asked, Beginning hath this man this wisdom? (Matt. 13:54) And it was his ability of adorable things, his affectionate and continued associate with the Father, bearing complete acceptance in the Fathers promises, which enabled him, as a absolute man, to affected the world, the beef and the devil, and to present an adequate cede for our sins. Appropriately it was accounting advanced through the Prophet: By his ability shall my angelic assistant absolve many, while he will buck their iniquities. Isa. 53:11

    Now, alone those who airing by faith, in the ablaze of the all-powerful Word, may understand either the Ancestor or the Son, or acutely and accurately acknowledge the abundant plan of amends which they unitedly are accomplishing for humanity. But ere long, afterwards the alternative of the Abbey has been completed, afterwards the Bride, the Lambs wife, has been associated with her Aristocrat in glory, and the Commonwealth shall accept come-- then the ability of the Aristocrat shall be acquired to ample the accomplished earth, and the ability of the Father, which, through the Logos, created all things, shall be exerted through him, as the Savior, in the apology and perfecting of those who, if advantaged to understand him, shall crop to his angelic requirements, so that ultimately our Lords power, as Jehovahs abettor in creation, shall be absolutely equaled and exemplified in his power, as Jehovahs abettor in abating and absolution the world; and appropriately will be accomplished the anticipation of the Psalmist--Thou hast the dew [freshness, vigor] of thy youth. Psa. 110:3

    Hearken to our Lords words to Nicodemus, who approved to understand something of adorable things, but who was banned the knowledge, because he had not yet believed the alluvial things. Our Lord, in answer to him his ability of adorable things, says, No man hath ascended up to heaven but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of Man.6 Our Aristocrat then gain to appearance Nicodemus the accouterment which God has create for the world, that they should not perish, but accept abiding life, declaring, God so admired the apple that he gave his Alone Begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on him should not perish but accept abiding life. John 3:13,16

    The Logos, the alpha of the conception of God, alleged aswell by Isaiah the Wonderful, Counsellor, the Boss God, etc. (Isa. 9:6), we acquisition declared by Solomon, and represented beneath the name of Wisdom, yet with all the data which accord the account with the annual accustomed by John the Advocate (John 1:1,18), as follows:

    Jehovah bedevilled me in the alpha of his way, afore his means of old. I was set up from everlasting, from the beginning, or anytime the apple was [formed]. If there were no base [seas] I was brought forth: if there were no fountains abounding with water. Afore the mountains were set afore the hills, was I brought forth; while as yet he had not create the earth, nor the fields, nor the accomplished allotment of the dust of the world. If he able the blast I was there: if he set a ambit aloft the face of the depth: if he accustomed the clouds above: if he adequate the fountains of the deep: if he gave to the sea his decree, that the amnion should not canyon his command: if he appointed the fountains of the earth: then was I by him, as one brought up with him; and I was circadian his delight, amusement consistently afore him. Prov. 8:22-30

    In accession to what we accept actuality acclaimed apropos the Logos--that he was not alone the alpha of the conception of God, and the first-born, but additionally his Alone Begotten Son, and that all additional creations were by and through him--we acquisition a admirable acknowledging account in our Lords own words, saying: Abhorrence not, I am the first and the last; I am he that liveth and was dead, and catch I am animate forevermore. And again, These things saith the first and the last, which was dead, and is alive. (Rev. 1:17; 2:8) In no additional faculty or way than as the Alone absolute conception of God, through whom all abroad was created, could our Aristocrat be the first and the endure of Gods creation. Any additional view, therefore, would be an incorrect one, and in battle with all the above scriptures.

    --John 1:14--

    The accepted anticipation in account to our Lords appearance in the beef is usually bidding in the Chat incarnation. This accepted anticipation we accept to be wholly incorrect, unscriptural. The Apotheosis approach is that our Lords animal body, which was built-in of Mary, was alone a clothing, a accoutrement for the airy body. The anticipation accordingly absorbed to our Lords alluvial life, according to this theory, is that our Aristocrat during his alluvial activity was still a spirit being, absolutely as before, except that he acclimated the beef that was built-in of Mary, and that was accepted as the man Christ Jesus, as his blind or average of advice with mankind, afterwards the address in which angels had appeared in animal anatomy in antecedent times--to Abraham, to Manoah, to Lot, and others. (Gen. 18:1,2; 19:1; Board 13:9-11,16) Because of this incorrect premise, some abashed and unscriptural account accept been acquired apropos the assorted incidents of our Lords activity and death: for instance, this approach assumes that our Lords weariness was not real, but feigned; because he, as a spirit being, could understand no weariness. The argumentation of this approach would betoken aswell that our Lords prayers were feigned, because, says this theory, he was God himself, and to adjure would accept been to adjure to himself; appropriately it is argued that his prayers were alone pro forma, to create an consequence aloft the aggregation and those who were about. The aforementioned approach is apprenticed to accept that our Lords afterlife was alone an actualization of death, for they altercate that Jesus was God the Father, who getting from abiding to everlasting, cannot die: appropriately that the credible affliction and cry, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? and the dying, were alone pro forma, to create the consequence aloft the minds of those who heard and saw. The analytic altercation of this theory, therefore, is that there was no absolute afterlife for mans sins, but alone an actualization of one, a amazing effect, a affecting show, a Cinematographic representation, a bamboozlement produced for a acceptable purpose--to agreeably access the sympathies and sensibilities of mankind.

    All of this is wrong, and berserk in action to the accuracy on the subject, as presented in the Chat of God. The Scriptural acknowledgment is not that our Aristocrat affected a physique of beef as a accoutrement for a airy body, as did the angels previously; but that he infact laid aside, or, as the Greek renders it, bald himself of, his prehuman conditions, and infact took our nature, or, as our argument aloft declares, the Logos was create flesh. There was no fraud, no sham, about it: it was not that he alone appeared to apprehensive himself, while absolutely application his celebrity and power: it was not that he seemed to become poor for our sakes, yet infact remained affluent in the control of the college airy attributes all the time: it was not that he alone put on the clothing, the livery, of a servant. No, but he infact became a man-- the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself a bribe for all. 1 Tim. 2:5


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