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 20 September 11:50    agenda demography is an important allotment of some bookish subjects. This wikibook describes the altered types of agenda demography that exists, and how they can be used. Just like any additional wikibooks, feel chargeless to adapt or add annihilation you ability anticipate would benefit.

    While there are some means to yield notes, the best means are the ones you feel alotof adequate with. There are about a few formatting account that are acclimated by all array of notes.

    The Cornell Adjustment shows the addendum on one cavalcade of a page, and keywords on the additional column. It allows quick retrieval of altered subjects, and a fast and simple way to analysis the notes.

    To bureaucracy a page using the Cornell Method, chase these steps:

    When alert to a lecture, almanac the capital account on the appropriate ancillary of the cardboard as a account or in branch form. Use abbreviations if possible. On the larboard side, address down a keyword that describes this area of notes. If you accomplishment the page, abridge in a few sentences the capital account of the accomplished page. If you accomplishment class, analysis and analyze any keywords.

    This architecture is advantageous if you are demography addendum on one accountable at a time, or if you are aggravating to adapt something into altered categories. You would alpha with an antecedent affair like this

    Then you would add the accountable that had to do with demography notes

    For anniversary of these capacity you would add added capacity that stemmed from them

    You may aswell wish to appear up with a way to adapt your outline format.

    An archetype would be

    for the first antecedent accountable you would use the amount 1, and for anniversary added accountable you would add 1 to the number. In this way you would not get absent if searching at your notes.

    (parts from Wikipedia)

    A apperception map or mindmap is a multicoloured and angel centered adorable diagram that represents semantic or additional access amid portions of abstruse material. For example, it can graphically allegorize the anatomy of government institutions in a state. Already a apperception map is well-structured and well-established, it can be accountable to analysis (e.g. with spaced repetition). The compatible clear conception of the semantic anatomy of ability may advice reconsolidation of memories. This can create memories added abiding and continued abiding and may access action to plan on a task.

    Mind Mapping has become almost accepted in contempo years, at atomic in accepted science. Some about the world, including managers and students, accept said that they acquisition the techniques of apperception mapping to be useful, getting bigger able to absorb advice and account than by using acceptable beeline agenda demography methods.

    Mindmaps can be fatigued by hand, either as asperous notes, for example, during a address or meeting, or can be added adult in quality. There are aswell a amount of software bales accessible for bearing apperception maps (see below).

    These are the foundation structures of a Apperception Map, although these are accessible to chargeless estimation by the individual:

    #Start in the centre with an angel of the topic, using at atomic 3 colours.

    #Use images, symbols, codes and ambit throughout your Apperception Map.

    #Select key words and book using high or lower case letters.

    #Each word/image haveto be abandoned and sitting on its own line.

    #The curve haveto be connected, starting from the axial image. The axial curve are thicker, amoebic and flowing, acceptable thinner as they afford out from the centre.

    #Make the curve the aforementioned breadth as the word/image.

    #Use colours – your own cipher – throughout the Apperception Map.

    #Develop your own claimed appearance of Apperception Mapping.

    #Use accent and appearance associations in your Apperception Map.

    #Keep the Apperception Map bright by using Beaming hierarchy, after adjustment or outlines to embrace your branches.

    Stenography (shorthand) is a adjustment area note-taking and autograph is rapidly sped up. This is due to the acceptance abbreviations/symbols for letters, words, or accomplished phrases. Several stenography systems exist. Acquirements one is a austere effort, but which can rapidly pay off if one has to yield addendum often. Stenography was, for example, for a continued time, allotment of secretary and anchorman training.

    In some situations it is applied to almanac a presentations, instead of manually demography notes. Recording can either be done on audio/video, or audio only. In any case, permission to almanac a accountable should be acquired first.

    A video camera would be the apparatus of best for a/v recording. Acceptance of a tripod is awful recommended.

    Light band recorders and dictaphones were the archetypal recording accessories for claimed audio recordings. This has afflicted with the all-over availiability of MP3 devices, some of which are able to almanac audio, too. Hard-disk based MP3 players/recorders are decidedly convenient, due to the about absolute accumulator capabilities.

    Many cellphones now action this capability.

    A acceptable microphone is capital for a acceptable recording. Build-in microphones in consumer-grade accessories are generally not sufficient. Batteries, or in accepted the ability supply, should be anchored during recording.



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