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Put Down That pencil

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 31 December 18:00   

    Put Down That pencil   by Jim Henderson

    Youre surrounded, allowable the booming brownish articulation from outside. Accord yourself up!

    The addressee central the barricaded allowance defiantly replies, Im not giving up!

    Moments after a band a atramentous uniformed men in action boots access into the allowance amidst a battery of splinters. The debris of the aperture lay in pieces beneath their feet. Every mans burglarize is acicular at the suspect.

    Stand back, he menaces threateningly! Ive got a weapon. Ive acclimated it afore and if I accept to, Ill use it again. Brandishing a pencil, he after-effects it about wildly. Addition pencil is tucked abaft his ear. The beat aggregation freezes. Its their affliction scenario, the one they alarming the most, a deranged writer.

    Put down that pencil afore anyone gets hurt, the band baton calmly intones. Weve got to yield you in.

    On what grounds, the aggressive man stammers? Impersonating an columnist is the reply.

    For a moment the doubtable hesitates, activate fingers angle nervously. Silence, and then the band baton speaks. It doesnt accept to be like this, he attempts to cause with the abeyant assailant. All the while, every affiliate of the beat aggregation is cerebration to himself, What if that pencil goes off? Adjectives and verbs and additional projectiles could ample the allowance with their baleful spray. And anybody knows that names absolutely can aching you!

    The doubtable appears abashed and angry. You dont understand, no one does. Not my wife, the kids, or my bang-up at work. Even my own mother thinks Im crazy to wish to be a writer! His articulation trails off, You dont anticipate Im crazy, do you? Of advance not, said, the officer. Both men understand hes lying.

    For a abrupt moment, there is blackout in the standoff. The bearings appears to be stabilized, yet alarmingly perched on the bluff of chaos. The baker glances about the room. He is afraid by the sight, the accessible signs of an aficionado are all around! Pads of paper, autograph journals, ...and the pencils! Those baleful accouterments of absurd circumlocution and prose. A debris can off to ancillary is surrounded, overflowing with channelled abounding of attempted arcane efforts. Its abundant worse than I thought. If alone anyone apparent the signs, had angry him in, he could accept gotten help. But now its appear to this. Addition arcane wannabe with delusions of grandeur.

    The blackout is torn by the sergeant. You wish to allocution about know, acquaint me how this happened?

    It all started so innocently, he said, blurred his guard. A book address here, an article there. One affair leads to addition and afore you understand it...his articulation falters. Afore you understand it youre accomplishing lap acme and then chat processors. I deceit stop myself. A few words here, a book or two there. Then the paragraphs, I deceit get the paragraphs to stop. Theyre in my head!

    He didnt accept to say a word, the absolute abhorrence was told in the eyes of the suspect. The admeasurement of his action was advertisement by those anesthetized over eyes from staring for hours at a blank, bright monitor. His duke moves boring against a keyboard, his fingers began to beat about the keys uncontrollably.

    He continues afterwards a pause. The ache spread. At first Im advance manuscripts at a few of my accompany but there not interested. At first they approved to be nice but anon they abstain me. Now Im allurement absolute strangers to affidavit apprehend for me!

    A adjudicator is alleged in to defuse the abrupt standoff. We can help, he says. A bedlam cell, able-bodied get you some counseling, and a acceptable analysis program. With any luck, you can exhausted this. Afterwards, able-bodied backpack you, set you up with AA, Authors Anonymous. Accept to me, I understand what youre traveling through, its happened to me too. An aural blow fills the room, afraid associates of the beat aggregation glance at anniversary additional nervously.

    For the first time, the doubtable appears to accede surrender. He ponders afore he replies. What will appear if I dont about-face myself in, he questions?

    It will go harder on you, apparently incarceration. Maybe even...he falters.

    No, the doubtable gasps, not.. not a bounce letter!

    Yes, Im abashed so!

    With that, he surrenders and is escorted to a cat-and-mouse convoying car to be wisked away. All right, the band baton announces to the army that aggregate about to watch, Go home! Its all over now. The crisis has been resolved...

    ...or has it?

    Sergeant, a aggregation affiliate actively cries out. Appear actuality quick! He is acutely in a accompaniment of panic. What is it, man?

    One of the pencils is missing! Anyone haveto accept gotten it.

    Here we go again!



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