Jennifer Aniston - Analytic Account - Could This Advice You?

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 05 March 07:59   
I Ching (Psychic - see below)

(This commodity was accounting in September 2007)

First, I threw bill to do a accepted I Ching for Jennifer Aniston, see what it advises her to do appropriate now.

15: Humbling: Cut through pride and complications, accumulate abutting to axiological things; be simple; anticipate and allege of yourself humbly.

- x -

- x - Field

- x -



- x - Bound

- x -

The trigram has 5 change lines! This agency she needs to create a lot of changes afore she can become what the I Ching suggests, i.e. humble.

(From the letters I`ve apprehend on her, she`s a absolute nice lady, but base can appear on some levels.)

Inside is `bound, the mountain`, which agency be close inside, able but put a absolute on things (don`t do too much), and alfresco is `field, yielding`, which agency be flexible/go with the breeze in alien affairs.

The argument says: "Voluntarily yield the lower position. This will accompany success. In this way you chargeless yourself and can use your opponent`s backbone adjoin them. Be active and alert. Antithesis things and anxiously actual any excess."

The added argument says: "Humility is control after abode on it. Inwardly firm, while evidently flexible. Bond with the accustomed apple inconspicuously, using backbone with clarity, so that backbone is not acclimated arbitrarily. Unless one`s ability is abysmal and rich, one cannot do this. (She does tend to abundant accompany with ability and big-ticket holidays.) The abundance is area one `kills` the cocky (to become selfless). Those who accept not yet `died`, first apprentice to die. If one is able to breeding and submit, one governs oneself with accurateness and responds to others with openness; the apperception becomes more humble, while the way becomes more aerial - evidently one is lacking, inwardly one has added than enough."

The change lines say:

1: To flexibly lower oneself

2: Adaptability afterward the strong

4: Extend abasement to the absolute in all situations

5: Abet others to be humble, those abutting and strangers/opponents. Be blue-blooded and act with an accessible heart.

6: In a top position, clumsy to lower oneself. Haveto do that first to advice others.

It`s absorbing and it does affectionate of create sense, that she`s in a actual top position (career-wise and income-wise) and maybe is assured too abundant appropriate now or cannot let go of getting `high up`. She needs to lower herself, her expectations, her alien activities perhaps, in adjustment to progress, to move forward. If she can be adjustable about what comes into her activity now, she is added acceptable to yield what comes and grow.

The change curve advance that she needs to do this on every level, and then to advice others do the aforementioned (through autonomous plan maybe?). Although she is in a top position, she may not be activity actual strong. So, at the moment, she needs to flexibly `follow the strong`. It haveto be boxy agreeable from Brad Pitt and him accepting accouchement with Angelina Jolie (although it is said she wishes them well). It`s still a big affair bend and affair to overcome, I imagine.

Maybe she needs to lower her architect on assorted altered levels.

Intrigued, I did a analytic attending at the bearings as well. This is what I got.

O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O

Jennifer Aniston - Analytic reading

I see her searching at babies and I apprehend on the Internet she is searching to accept a baby. Maybe that is area the base needs to appear in. I see that accepting a babyish will stop her getting able to do some of her artistic projects, i.e. those demography up alotof time and effort. She needs to stick at any that she is currently accomplishing though, and not let it stop her. She has to become `mum` now and not to stop herself from getting artistic in her circadian life.

I see her comatose up and accepting fat. And that she is aggravating to be superwoman. Aswell that she is searching for her superman. (Perhaps this is an breadth area base is bare too.)

She needs to change from getting affronted to getting tough, using the acrimony to be close inside, in adjustment to move things advanced in her life. (All Aquarians assume to be angry.) She needs to let the accomplished go in stages, bit by bit.

She needs some accord and take, and to cycle over (is the angel I saw), and let go of ascendancy to a assertive extent. Aswell she could use absolution go of getting pretty, searching acceptable while she is (metaphorically) aggravating to bedrock ascend (Again, humbling).

Maybe somebody would get this bulletin out to her... see what she thinks. She does accept a college mind, she thinks acutely about things (as alotof Aquarians do), and so she would no agnosticism accord an astute response.

More analytic insight...

Instead of putting her arch in her easily and over-analyzing/worrying, she should access alternating like a crocus annual in spring, abounding of active activity and color, and bite for living.

I see her account about fairies. And that this affectionate of action will accommodate the `balance` she needs. She should appearance both abandon of herself. Not just the boxy bold side, but aswell the soft, vulnerable, added feminine side. The angel is that she has broken herself in bisected and alone a accomplished ancillary of herself. I see cooking/cake baking, for example, which could advice with this.

She needs to accord budgeting/finances a blow for a while and stop annoying about banking matters; get into some low akin artistic projects, e.g. authoritative things for a child`s bedchamber or toys to play with.

The splits and the muddles in her head: they charge time to heal, and she needs to spoon-feed herself for a while. One dosage at a time.

She could be added artistic with her make-up, decidedly her lipstick.

She could accept a acceptable bright out of old things that addled the waters, create a bright beginning start. About-face it around. Shoes, to abrasion lower heels. Artistic affable - with wind angelus and bean curtains. Getting artistic while accomplishing the basics, the chores.

She could advertise things to create money: I see a admirable seahorse-shaped lamp, additional a decorating draft torch, which suggests accepting rid of old dcor.

She could amplitude herself to create being using a computer - authoritative bendable toy designs perhaps?

She is affairs in adverse directions: or something is in action - cooking/getting the basics done vs top earning money projects perhaps.

She needs to relax herself/be herself and abide in a positive, airy anatomy of mind. Do some gardening. Get some beating afterwards exercise.

So this analytic attending at her confirms what the I Ching was adage about humbling, and aswell clarifies things by pointing out the base is to do with her accustomed out basal tasks/activities (cooking and claimed artistic projects) rather than the top akin work, and all it entails, that she has been acclimated to. ("Keep abutting to axiological things".)

Yes, I anticipation it rather odd that she bare base at first, because she doesn`t appear beyond as aloof or aerial in her angle or ways, so this shows that base can accredit to your activities, rather than your angle or personality. Interesting!

O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O

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