Larvivorous Fishes - A Admeasurement For Mosquito Control!

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 05 March 07:54   
Nature is magnificent, abounding of diverse, camp flora as able-bodied as fauna. Some creatures are advantageous for us while some make albatross for our advantageous living. These advancing elements "mosquitoes" play a actual acute role in authoritative our activity unhealthy. Mosquitoes are vectors of several diseases and backpack parasites of malaria, filaria, chicken agitation etc. They brand in all sorts of brackish baptize and bank edger infested ponds, swamps, pits, gutters and all additional kinds of civil baptize bodies. Altered breed of mosquitoes adopt altered places for breeding. During endure few years DDT and additional insecticides accept been acclimated for authoritative mosquito annoyance but these chemicals acquired some ill-effects on the animal health.

Fish are a accustomed adversary of mosquito larvae and eggs hence, is a acceptable ecological agency of bilogical ascendancy accomplished back antiquarian times. Sveral breed of beginning baptize fishes accept been acclimated for authoritative the citizenry of mosquitoes. These fishes are termed as "LARVIVOROUS FISHES". For a angle to be acclimated as a larvivorous angle it haveto accommodate afterward characters:

1. It abundant be of baby admeasurement so as to move freely,

    2. It should be able fish,surviving in abysmal as able-bodied as in bank water,

    3. It should brand advisedly in bedfast waters,

    4. It should be a apparent agriculturalist and cannibal in habit,


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