The Celtic Year - Hawthorn Moon

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 28 January 08:50   
The Celtic year is disconnected into 13 lunar months, anniversary represented by a angelic tree. The Hawthorn Moon ages occurs from May 13 to June 10.

The Druids of age-old Celtic Britain invented a rune alphabet alleged the "Ogham alphabet" which was composed of 13 consonants taken from the letter names of the 13 angelic copse that represented the 13 lunar months. There are aswell 5 beat copse that separate the year into it`s corresponding seasons forth with a 19th timberline for the added day of the year afterward the Winter Solstice.

The Hawthorn Timberline represents the sixth lunar month, aswell accepted as "The Timberline of Purification" and "The Moon of Restraint." This moon is committed to Thoth and the active goddess, Isis. The energies of this moon can advice you analyze your focus and intentions. It can aswell advice you bright abroad airy and concrete deadwood, forth with old habits. This is a acceptable time for charwoman and chastity, in alertness for mid-summer celebrations. This lunar timberline has the ability to accessible what is bankrupt away, and to burrow what is open. She is the "Keeper of the Four Winds" as she looks both advanced and astern in time, is angelic to the fairies, and is the benefactress of craftspeople.

I corrective all my Celtic timberline Goddess images on cottony that I laminated and create into a duke lettered, one-of-a-kind book blue-blooded "The Celtic Timberline Year." I accept aswell created an answer accouter from these paintings (almost 12 years later) and am using these as answer cards for body readings.


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