Poppi`s Pizza Alcazar and the Cine Chase

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 22 November 10:15   
It`s Friday night, and Lilith and her accompany Leonard, Attractive and Liam plan on an all-night cine marathon. Leonard has busy several videos, and Attractive and Liam accept brought the wine. They`re all appealing athirst and adjudge to accept some pizza delivered. Lilith makes the call.

Picasso: Poppi`s Pizza Palace, Picasso speaking. What can I get you?

Lilith: Hi. Yeah, I`d like to -- what? Your name`s Picasso? Did you say "Picasso speaking"?

Picasso: Yes, ma`am, that`s right. My mom majored in art history, and my dad was an art story prof. You get the picture, I think. Anyway, would you like to adjustment a pizza this evening, ma`am?

Lilith: Well, yeah, let me anticipate now. Umm, I charge to create a rather ample order. I achievement that`s okay.

Picasso: Our aim is to amuse actuality at Poppi`s. We agreement alert supply aural 45 account of agreement your order, with your pizza still brim hot. Adjustment abroad to your heart`s content.

Lilith: Cool. Okay. First, I wish two ample bifold pepperonis, one thick, one thin. On the blubbery one, add mushrooms and onions. And create the blubbery one bifold cheese , too. And then, I wish olives and blooming peppers added to the attenuate pizza. You got all that?

Picasso: On the attenuate pizza, ma`am? Do you wish atramentous olives on that, or would you adopt green?

Lilith: Oh, I accept a choice?

Picasso: That you do.

Lilith: Okay, then, well, create it, umm - green. Yeah, blooming olives.

Picasso: All right. That`s two ample bifold pepperonis. One blubbery with bifold cheese , mushrooms and onions. The additional attenuate with blooming olives and blooming peppers.

Lilith: Yes, that`s right.

Picasso: Do you wish bifold cheese on the attenuate band pizza?

Lilith: No, no thanks. Also, I wish to adjustment one medium, four- cheese veggie, with a whole-wheat attenuate crust. And can I accept the vegetables?

Picasso: Like I say, we aim to please. What would you like?

Lilith: Both red and chicken candied alarm pepper, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes and beginning basil leaves if you accept any.

Picasso: You`re in luck, ma`am. Poppi brought some beginning basil aback from the farmer`s bazaar just this morning.

Lilith: What`re the four cheese s, Picasso?

Picasso: Well, first mozzarella and Monterey Jack are disconnected and alloyed calm and brindled on top. Then feta cheese is burst assimilate the pizza. Next go on the veggies, and endure but not atomic fresh, hard, finely-grated Parmesan is brindled all over the absolute works. How`s that sound?

Lilith: My mouth`s watering already.

Picasso: Annihilation else, ma`am?

Lilith: Yes, in addition, I`d like three baby pizzas. One with a attenuate crust, addition four- cheese , but after any veggies except for sun-dried tomatoes. One thick-crust Canadian bacon and pineapple with double- cheese . And, I guess, create the endure one a thick-crust backtalk and shrimp pizza. That`ll be it, I think.

Picasso: Okay. Two ample bifold peps. A blubbery bifold cheese with shrooms and onion. And a ample attenuate with olives and peppers. A whole-wheat average garlic four-cheese with basil, candied alarm and sun-dried tomatoes. Three small. A attenuate four-cheese with sun-drieds. One blubbery double-cheese ham and pineapple. And one blubbery backtalk and shrimp.

Lilith: Yes, that sounds just right. My abode is 1330 Willow Lane.

Picasso: 1330 Willow. Okay, ma`am, the absolute comes to, at $18 a section for two ample pizzas, $13 for the medium, and $8.50 anniversary for three small, all calm that`ll be $74.50.

Lilith: Hey, you guys, it`s about seventy-five bucks. Everybody carapace out. Okay, Picasso, thanks.

Picasso: It`s 11:30 now, so your pizzas will be at your aperture by fifteen accomplished the witching hour. Sounds like a cine marathon.

Lilith: You got it.

Picasso: Enjoy, and acknowledgment for calling Poppi`s.

Lilith: Acknowledge you, Picasso. Allocution to you next time. Bye!


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