Mars - A Planet Absolutely Like Our Own

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Mars is the additional abutting planet to the Apple (Venus gets closer), and in some means is the abutting to the Apple in conditions. It is aswell the accessible abode for the first absolutely cocky comestible Animal antecedents off this planet.


Mars has about a tenth of the accumulation of the Earth; its force is a bit over a third of the Earth`s.


The atmosphere of Mars is abundant thinner than that of the Earth, accepting a little beneath than a hundredth of the air pressure. The air of Mars contains about 95 percent Carbon Dioxide, and 2.7 percent Nitrogen. There are abate amounts of several additional gases including a baby bulk of chargeless Oxygen and some baptize vapour and a little bit of Methane. There is aswell some Carbon Monoxide which is poisonous to us although not to all life, and several apathetic gasses like those on the Earth.


Mars is colder than the Earth. At the Martian poles, the temperature absolutely drops to bare 143 degrees C (minus 225 degrees F). This compares with the coldest temperature anytime recorded on Apple (At Vostok in the Australian Antarctic Territory) of bare 89 degrees C. The hottest the apparent of Mars gets at the equator is about 27 degrees C (80 degrees F), but the air temperature is about consistently beneath freezing point.

Orbit and Seasons

Mars has a agnate axial angle to the Apple and has seasons, but because the Martian year is about alert as continued as the Earth`s, the seasons are longer. The Martian day is alone a little bit best than the Earth`s day.

Magnetic field

Mars does not accept a able alluring acreage like the Earth`s although there is affirmation that in the accomplished it had one. This agency that the apparent of Mars has abundant beneath aegis from some of the added damaging particles from the Sun.


Mars has beneath baptize than the Earth, but still has abundant amounts. However, the baptize is not aqueous on the surface. We cannot aphorism out aqueous baptize underground, and there are a amount of things that advance it is likely. The baptize is mainly in the anatomy of ice although there is baptize vapour in the atmosphere as well.


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