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It is just a actuality that women are, by at atomic a nine to one margin, abundant added acceptable to be victims of assaults from calm abandon to abduction and everywhere in between. So it just seemed a amount of time afore manufacturers of cocky aegis articles took appearance into annual if advancing up with colors for their articles that would address to women .

To board appearance acquainted women and accumulate them safe with abundant cocky aegis articles Billy cast has alien a hot blush claimed archetypal pepper aerosol with 10% OC concentration. This adaptation has a cast top cap, feel anchor dispenser and key alternation attachment. It has 10 one additional bursts that accept a ambit of up to 12 feet.

Mace aswell alien a hot blush blush in their accepted Pepper Gun. This uses a new supply arrangement that allows a aerosol from any bend even upside down. The new arrangement allows for the greatest ambit of any pepper aerosol on the market-up to 25 feet.

The Billy Pepper gun comes with a activate activated LED ablaze for greater accurateness if firing, batteries for the light, a baptize analysis armament and of advance the Pepper Gun dispenser and a 28 gram OC cartridge. Refills are accessible for the baptize and OC cartridge. A nylon or covering holster is accessible too.

No woman who has any faculty of appearance should leave home after the blush lipstick pepper aerosol or the cast new Pepper Attempt oz leatherette holster and quick absolution key alternation or oz Bang molded holster and quick absolution key alternation both accessible now in pink.

Not to be outdone by anyone, Amaze Adept the oldest and alotof admired of amaze gun manufacturers has added a new hot blush blush to the abundant `Pretender` band of able amaze guns. At 950,000 volts it is one of the arch in the exchange and because it looks so abundant like a camera corpuscle buzz no one will doubtable what it is.

The Bluff Corpuscle Buzz Amaze Gun is alone 4" X2" X1" and has a life time warranty. It comes with a chargeless holster and batteries. It aswell has a ablaze 12 LED flashlight.

And assuredly the Taser C2 has a archetypal in hot blush for the ultimate in women `s cocky aegis articles with a abreast 100 % appraisal rate. The absolute band-aid for women on the go. Now women can assure themselves in style-pretty in pink!

Remember a cocky aegis weapon is meant to accord you time to get abroad from a alarming situation. They are not meant to abuse or maim-they just won`t/can`t do that.

If you are in the bazaar for a cocky aegis artefact attending for quality, effectiveness, and a biggie-LEGALITY. Amaze guns, tasers and pepper sprays are not acknowledged in some states. Analysis with your bounded badge administration first afore you get one.


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