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How to Create Blind Baskets

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 11 November 09:13   
Charming furnishings may be acquired by encasing ceramics and bottle jars for plants and flowers with askance raffia or open-meshed weaves in rattan. Actuality is a advanced acreage for the aboriginal craftsman. A few of the possibilities are appropriate in the afterward pages. Some blind baskets of rattan are aswell described.

Hanging Jar for Ferns


    A blooming ceramics Jar 9 inches in ambit at the top, 14 inches at the widest part,

    107/8 inches in ambit at the basal and 31/2 inches high,

    A agglomeration of albino raffia.

The albino raffia awash by dealers in florists` food looks alotof adorable over the dull-green of this ceramics Jar . Three strands of raffia are braided for nine and a bisected inches in the average of the strands. The six ends are brought together, one is cut abbreviate and the additional 5 are braided in a collapsed complect for an inch and a half. 5 and a bisected inches are larboard apart and then four and a bisected inches are braided in a collapsed plait, abutting new strands as they are needed. Addition 5 and a bisected inches are larboard apart and an inch and a bisected is braided in a collapsed plait. The end is then absorbed to the attenuated complect absolutely adverse the point area the ample complect began. This makes a ring of attenuated braiding to blooper over the top of the Jar and a ample complect for the adjustable handle.

Sixteen strands are askance on the attenuated ring. At about bisected an inch from the top the first row of knots is made. Addition row of knotting at bisected an inch from the first row, amid the strands, makes bisected of a diamond-shaped mesh. In the third row the strands are brought down calm and askance at two inches from the antecedent row. Actuality they are afar afresh and two rows of knotting in the diamond-shaped cobweb are create bisected an inch apart. The bottomless bag appropriately formed is wet, slipped over the top of the Jar and adapted abutting to it. A bifold fiber of raffia is run through the endure row of diamond-shaped meshes and angry securely. This should appear beneath the Jar at about an inch from the edge. The ends of the strands are cut abutting to the endure row of knots, commutual the covering.

Brown Ceramics Jar Encased in Rattan Rings

    Materials :

    A amber ceramics Jar 2 inches in bore at the top, 31/8 inches top and 31/8 inches in bore at the bottom,

    4 weavers of No. 4 rattan,

    A agglomeration of raffia,


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