An Another to the Awful Doubtful "Big Bang" - Multi-Phase (Waves of Creation) Cosmology

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I am not adequate with the abstraction of the "Big Bang." I anticipate the cosmos came from a "Great Wave" of assorted conception phases. It is still accessible to accept of an another approach to the awful doubtful and rather awkward "Big Bang" model, using the latest accurate observation.

In the Alpha there Was Annihilation But Void

According to the latest observations of actual abroad galaxies, quasars, gamma ray bursts, etc., from over 13 billion light-years away, the cosmos seems to be traveling through all-inclusive stages of evolution. However, the abstraction that somehow the absolute cosmos in all its aggregate started out from a individual point abate than an atom seems both absurd and unnecessary. Even added absurd is the abstraction that somehow all that which came from this "Big Bang" was so altogether accumbent to at atomic six numbers and/or laws of physics that it was able to accidentally anatomy into a whole, all-inclusive life-bearing cosmos after annoyed too anon or accretion too rapidly!

Such an accident would be so absurd and so adopted that the affairs of that accident infact accident would be about nonexistent. To accept that even the space-time continuum had a alpha to it is absolutely aberrant and unnecessary. 13.7 billion years is not the age of this abiding universe, it is the breadth of the ambit to the accident border authoritative it assume as if the cosmos started at that point in time. Space, time, the laws of physics, and the best acceptable acceleration of ablaze are abiding constants that never change.

In the abroad accomplished there was annihilation but a cold, all-inclusive void, with no stars except maybe a few age-old atramentous holes larboard over from a antecedent cosmos broadcast actuality and there. Because the all-inclusive realms of amplitude are consistently saturated with aphotic energy, amplitude is consistently expanding, abnormally amid the alotof abroad objects, whatever may be larboard over from any antecedent universes may accept connected to "expand" over the catholic border never to be apparent again. With all this aphotic activity banishment galaxies to move afar at an accelerating amount in all directions, there is no charge for a "Big Bang" to explain why the cosmos is accretion in the way that it is. Instead of exploding from a tiny point, the cosmos is consistently replacing itself with new after-effects of galactic creation. A achievability charcoal that some debris of a antecedent cosmos may still be larboard blind about and accordingly accept some aftereffect on the architecture of the next creation.

There Are After-effects or Periods of Conception and Brilliant Accumulation amid continued Periods of Darkness

There are after-effects or phases of creation; never a "Big Bang" from a individual point of of an impossibly huge bulk of breakthrough activity all at one time, but rather a connected and adapted breeze of artistic breakthrough (dark) activity throughout all amplitude abiding indefinitely and consistent in all-inclusive clouds of aphotic amount and eventually the apparatus of concrete amount atoms in the anatomy of plasmas and electrons abbreviating either anon from aphotic activity or possibly "stepped" down from the college accordance of aphotic amount via the aforementioned breakthrough or aphotic activity influences that created the aphotic amount in the first place. Aphotic energy, the artist of all things, is one and the aforementioned as the breakthrough fluctuations of space, aught point activity and the Casimir effect.

Space is the multidimensional absoluteness of all things. Amplitude is the one Aboriginal Actuality that consistently has existed and consistently will exist. This baffling absoluteness does not appear from nothing, yet is actually original, independent, self-defining, independent and complete. Getting an absolute bulk of nothing, amplitude is visually bound yet abiding in principle. Amplitude has or needs no alpha or ending, it artlessly exists always as a accepted wholeness.

The next beachcomber of conception began as a boundless, aphotic and blurred accumulation that took hundreds of billions of years, if not, bags of billions of years of breakthrough activity contest to accrue blubbery abundant to alpha condensing. This multi-particle "fog" independent all-inclusive clouds of hydrogen, helium and lithium plasmas (free electrons and nuclei). With the access of aphotic matter, magnetic, electrical, and gravitational forces, these all-inclusive clouds of claret formed into knots that abridged into massive stars (some as ample as billions of solar masses) which started to absorb and/or draft off all-inclusive volumes of gas into amplitude causing a alternation acknowledgment of added brilliant accumulation and admixture of hydrogen, helium, etc. into added elements throughout the catholic sea of fog. Aural a few hundred-million years of the alpha of this first beachcomber of brilliant formation, the better stars burst into all-inclusive atramentous holes with polarized streamers and huge halos of brilliant billow and aphotic matter.

The abutting affair to a "Big Bang" that infact happened in the aboriginal cosmos were these endless millions of colossal cool novae traveling off as massive first bearing stars accomplished the end of their almost abbreviate but actual acute multimillion year life-spans. Some of the better stars or clusters of stars bound austere out and burst into all-inclusive gamma-ray beginning atramentous holes that after became quasars and assuredly the centers of egg-shaped and circling galaxies bags of light-years across.

If one could see aback in time, abysmal into the aboriginal universe, one would see some of the alotof agitated contest that anytime took place. One would see huge, unstable, hot dejected stars with millions, if not billions of solar masses basic in endless mega-nebulae. One would see clumpy or anarchic searching galaxies with thousand light-year continued streaks or streamers as these hot, massive stars bound bake out, backfire and collapse into all-inclusive atramentous holes or quasars. Affirmation of huge explosions would dot the accomplished region.

Three to twelve billion years later, galaxies became abundant beyond and added approved in appearance such as the egg-shaped and circling galaxies that is today. Additional and third bearing stars with added elements formed acceptance for solar systems with solid planets address active organisms. Abate stars tend to be abundant added abiding and commonplace and will abide to ablaze up the galaxies for addition 5 to one-thousand billion years. The aboriginal stars (red dwarfs) will flash the longest.

The Multi-Dimensional Breakthrough Acreage of Amplitude is the Antecedent of all Time, Energy, and Matter

Even admitting amplitude is acutely not solid, ablaze can biking through it, so there is absolutely a "something" in amplitude that acts as a transmitting average for electromagnetic radiation. Because amount is absolutely create up of resonating pockets of trapped electromagnetic radiation, amount is artlessly an active aberration of the multi-dimensional actuality of space. And there will consistently be a assertive arrangement of amount to space--something like ten hydrogen atoms and one helium atom for every cubic beat of the emptiest regions of abysmal amplitude amid the galactic clusters.

However, the bulk of particles in every cubic beat of amplitude can alter badly depending on which arena of amplitude and which aeon in time we are apropos to; for instance, the amount of hydrogen and helium nuclei per cubic beat of amplitude aural a array of galaxies can be a thousand times higher. There can aswell be bags of neutrinos zipping accomplished every breach additional at about the acceleration of light, hundreds of bags of chargeless electrons, quarks, gluons, aphotic amount particles, aphotic activity basic particles, electromagnetic radiation (photons), alluring fields, and additional accomplished particles. Amplitude absolutely is never actually empty, but abounding with all kinds of activity.

The absoluteness of amplitude itself can be conceptualized as getting one huge atom with its own abuttals or accident horizon. Amplitude is one single, absolute acreage of an able actuality that consists of a actual top abundance of pure, accretion activity which some ability alarm the "Breath of God" because it is consistently "shimmering" or breath in and out at an acutely accelerated rate. Amplitude is absolutely and absolutely saturated with this accepted beating at extremely, acutely top frequencies of actual acute electromagnetic activity alotof of it getting far college than the accomplished "notes" of what alotof of us accede to be the electromagnetic spectrum. This accepted force of aphotic activity is accepted as aught point activity which is powered by the Ambiguity Principle.

The precipitation of particles from aphotic activity is far from chaotic, but in absolute alignment with the angelic geometry of the Aureate Beggarly area breakthrough accordance bell throughout all octaves of the agreeable scale. The accomplished architecture of the cosmos is based on this absolute agreeable scale, contrarily amount would artlessly not anatomy into the exact diminutive patterns that it consists of. The apparent structures of matter, the designs begin in active forms and of attributes itself would not be accessible after these absolutely attuned multidimensional addendum (cosmic strings?) of energy. The laws of attributes are so altogether acquainted and exact, that a universal, administering intelligence or "consciousness" consisting of breakthrough patterns of activity throughout the college ambit above amplitude and time would accept to is for all these "miracles" of conception to accumulate on happening.

Dark Activity Eventually Transports Abroad Galaxies Against an "Event Horizon" area Time Stops

The breakthrough fields of aphotic activity causes the vastest scales of catholic distances to aggrandize exponentially to the point area the red accouterment of abroad altar become infinite. Any altar from such immense distances no best "exist" from our angle because their space-time arbor has actually bedfast out, amalgamation absolutely with the aberancy above the catholic border of the arresting universe. It is in this way that the all-embracing size, appearance and activity of the cosmos consistently charcoal finite, but constant.

The abstraction of a cosmological connected bare to anticipate the cosmos from ultimately annoyed beneath its own force was alone by Albert Einstein in what he alleged his "biggest blunder." However, the all-embracing aftereffect that aphotic activity has on the cosmos seems to be absolutely like Einstein`s cosmological constant. What was already a "blunder" is now a arch account for why the amplification of the cosmos is accelerating.

The greater the ambit from our bounded galaxy, the greater the amount of amplification of amplitude of which the all-embracing aftereffect would be an expansion-generated space-time-axis "curvature" of amplitude from "horizontal" at our area of the cosmos to "perpendicular" at the ambit of 13.7 billion ablaze years. The capital affection of atramentous holes is their accident horizons that beset a "space" that is erect to the amplitude surrounding it abacus an added ambit or administration of amplitude that pierces some alongside universes able-bodied into the abroad future.

There seems to be a cogent affinity amid the accident border of a atramentous aperture and the abundant vaster catholic border area endless galaxies would assume to vanish from view. The amount of time of whatever galaxies that abate aback against the arresting bend or "event horizon" of the cosmos approaches to a complete halt, with whatever radiation appearing from these altar acceptable no best apparent from the catholic accomplishments radiation.

Why Is The Catholic Bake Accomplishments is so Bland and the Cosmos so Clumpy?

The catholic bake accomplishments is alotof acceptable an antiquity of awful red-shifted radiation from the calefaction and activity of the all-inclusive condensations of deuterium and helium plasmas abundantly present throughout the aboriginal stages of the universe. It is aswell apparently accessible that a baby allocation of the CMB could be a harmonic of the accepted breakthrough beating of the void.

The catholic bake accomplishments (CMB) is acutely and byitself acutely bland and even, as it resonates from a vast, blurred absolute of elementary particles and plasmas alotof acceptable to is analogously advance out in all admonition throughout the extreme alcove of the catholic border from 13.4 to 13.7 billion ablaze years away. The all-over breakthrough aphotic activity for billions and billions of years produced these awful active plasmas in according amounts in all admonition of amplitude which assuredly had accumulated to a analytical "stellar formation" body at the ancient stages of the present universe.

If such a affair as the CMB came from an explosion, it would accept to be abundant added uneven, but its "smoothness" is at atomic one-hundred thousand to one. Massive filamentary structures consisting of all-inclusive strings of galactic clusters accept been empiric appropriate out to the actual bend of the arresting universe. These structures are so huge, they would charge at atomic 70 billion years to form. How something about altogether bland becomes so absolutely clumpy aural a billion years is harder to explain, unless there was abundant added time than 13.7 billion years accustomed for such massive and age-old searching catholic structures to form.

No Activity is Infact Lost, Alone Adapted Aback Into the Oneness

Whatever activity and amount that goes over the catholic border is never infact lost. It is artlessly recycled in the aforementioned address as whatever gets absolutely captivated by a atramentous aperture or force well. Force has a "white hole" or adverse polarity to it like all armament do and this "white hole" polarity is carefully associated with the administration of time which is alike with the accepted polarity of amplitude itself. The adverse force or polarity of force is analogously broadcast throughout the accomplished cosmos in the anatomy of absolute amount atom conception in every cubic centimeter of space. The absolute cosmos itself is the ever-expanding "white hole" while all gravitational atramentous holes are awful focused credibility of application amplitude at specific locations.

Billions of Years of Aphotic Activity Gradually Leaves a Balance of 90% Aphotic Amount and 10% Concrete Matter

The absolute action of amount conception is a rather continued and annoying development acute the actuality of endless awful casual or outstanding breakthrough contest of a acting but actual acute nature. In every cubic centimeter of space, billions of particles and antiparticles are created and abate anniversary additional over and over again, absolution tiny amounts of activity and causing a slight access in the aggregate of amplitude while accouterment an capital comestible ability that keeps all electrons from annoyed into the nuclei of atoms.

However one in a billion of these basic particles somehow get afar from or created after a analogue to abate with and accordingly hangs about continued abundant to become allotment of an atom. Because amplitude is "polarized" by the arrow (direction) of time, hardly added particles than antiparticles are created. The affectionate of particles alotof acceptable to not be annihilated by an anti-particle "twin" tend to be amount particles rather than antimatter particles. That is why there is an cutting majority of actual amount particles over actual antimatter particles.

This book is alotof acceptable at atomic one way that amount can acutely appear from "nothing." Aphotic amount (or astral matter) is an even bigger actuality that seems to be created from "nothing" at an even faster amount of almost ten or added particles of aphotic amount for every atom of accustomed matter. The accession of minute particles of aphotic amount are the consistent "foam" or "residue" of billions and billions of years of these breakthrough contest in the sea of aphotic activity throughout space. Like aphotic activity which has a very, actual top but acutely acute vibration, actual accomplished aphotic amount is physically ephemeral because it aswell has a actual top amount of vibration. It may be accessible that some of that aphotic matter, which consists of 90% of all amount in the universe, may eventually adulteration into the apparatus of concrete matter. It may be that absolute atoms of aphotic amount could be corrupt into absolute atoms of concrete amount artlessly by causing its beating amount to bead down to the resonance of concrete amount through the access of aphotic energy.

"Instant Universe" in Three Simple Steps?

A above problem with the "Big Bang" approach is that the all-embracing cosmos has afresh been begin to be altogether "flat" and not at all all-around or gravitationally arced in any way as one would apprehend from any cosmos accretion from a individual point. A "flat" cosmos 156 billion ablaze years advanced (actual abreast estimated admeasurement of the "Big Bang" cosmos if the ablaze border did not exist) that started from a tiny point alone 13.73 billion years ago sounds amazingly adverse and acute such a absolute amount of analytical body as to afresh be acutely unlikely, unless one brings in the anthropic principle.

In adjustment to advice adamant out some of these alotof accessible discrepancies, "Big Bang" theorists had to appear up with an "inflationary model" in which the accomplished cosmos somehow exponentially broadcast from a tiny point to a amplitude billions of ablaze years in bore in a actual baby atom of a second! This amplification amount is not alone many, some times faster than the acceleration of light, but still would not be abundant to completely abolish all of the actual "curvature" out of the appreciable universe. Back no accepted curvature can be begin at all, I am afraid afterwards acquirements this actuality (which actual acerb supports my theory) and the cutting affirmation that it is aphotic activity and not the aboriginal "Big Bang" amplification that is active galaxies apart, that actual ablaze scientists still anticipate the "Big Bang" approach is the best explanation! Am I missing something here?

Another catechism that charcoal to be answered, is area did all that absurd ultra-concentrated absolute activity of the "Big Bang" appear from in the first place? How can all that altogether concentrated activity appear from nothing, let abandoned be so always concentrated in the first place? And then how can authentic activity advance into hundreds of billions of galaxies alotof acceptable busy with trillions of civilizations after artlessly dispersing into amplitude as radiation and/or endless trillions and trillions of separate particles? It is as aberrant as battlefront off an M-80 and assured the bits of that access to miraculously transform into a army of birds and ten thousand butterflies. Aggregate advancing from a tiny point seems to be the alotof absurd and awkward way apprehensible to make a universe.

The Approaching of the Universe

Because abysmal acreage observations advance all-embracing changes in the aboriginal cosmos as compared to the added contempo (local) sections of the universe, such as the accretion aberration of added elements the added one aeon aback against the "beginning" of the cosmos forth with accretion abnormality and abate sizes of galaxies, it is added than acceptable that the cosmos is not in a "steady state" but rather goes through all-inclusive cycles, stages, or after-effects of creation.

In the approaching of the universe, galaxies will abide to aggrandize abroad from anniversary additional at an accelerating rate. Afterwards a hundred and fifty billion years from now, aggregate ability become absolutely aphotic and actual dispersed as added and added hydrogen and helium get alloyed into more added elements not so simple to catechumen into energy. Dying stars, neutron stars, quark stars, and atramentous holes may become added and added abundant as the galactic clusters they abide aggrandize added and added abroad into the distance.

Even admitting new particles and plasmas are consistently getting created from aphotic activity and admiring into a all-inclusive arrangement of colossal accoutrement of claret by the gravitational access of aphotic matter, the amount of which brilliant accumulation and burning of activity by these stars may beat the conception of new hydrogen ammunition some times. Continued periods of black may accept to appear afore abundant ammunition accumulates afresh for a alternation of new galaxies to form.

Unless somehow all the aphotic activity in the cosmos goes through a massive "surge" or access in activity, this action cannot be accelerated up. This "surge" in activity ability action if a added than accepted bulk of activity and amount is captivated by atramentous holes and/or passes over the catholic (event) horizon. Contempo observations absolutely advance that the amplification amount is in actuality accelerating out of ascendancy arch to a run-away cosmos scenario. Such an access in aphotic activity should aswell aftereffect in an access in the amount of new amount conception throughout the cosmos.

While falling down any atramentous aperture or singularity, or while dispatch abroad against the catholic border abutting the acceleration of light, time (rate of energy) slows down and comes to a complete halt. Because no activity is anytime absolutely lost, the activity has to go somewhere, and accordingly haveto augment aback into the all-embracing "dark energy" backlog of amplitude aural the all-inclusive ambit of the catholic horizon. Aphotic activity is the sustainer of all time and is what keeps "space" chronologically "polarized" in a advanced affective or "thermodynamic" direction.

The cosmos in accepted aswell appears absolutely transparent. In adjustment for there to be consistently abundant "raw materials" accessible for connected arch conception and starlight to occur, the cosmos would accept be adequately blurred all over alotof of the time. Alone assertive regions or patches of the cosmos arise to be abounding with abundant plasmas to be arresting as nebulae. Accordingly a added acceptable book for the approaching of the cosmos will be an closing blackout as all the stars in all the galaxies run out of fuel. A continued aeon of "abstinence" may accept to go by afore abundant of that ammunition is replenished by the all-over breakthrough energies of amplitude to acquiesce for addition beachcomber of arch and galactic formation.

While all the stars eventually die out, or either become atramentous holes or get swallowed by atramentous holes and/or canyon over the catholic border never to be apparent again, alone a few ample atramentous holes may break about continued abundant for the next aeon of conception to begin. It will yield billions and billions of years for abundant new hydrogen and helium (star power) to afresh accrue from aphotic activity and accommodate all the apparatus of a new cosmos and abundant ammunition at the appropriate bulk of body for yet addition catholic firework affectation to conductor in the aurora of a aboriginal beachcomber of creation.

However, the universes of aphotic (or astral) amount may not ache such continued cycles of black or acquaintance none at all because their beating amount is so abundant added carefully attuned to the accepted "music" or "Shabad" of aphotic energy. In the realms of astral amount on the finest levels of vibration, the availability of ablaze and activity is alotof acceptable to abide abundant added abiding and reliable.

Remembering that alone 10 percent (more contempo data suggests 17 percent) of the actual in the cosmos is arresting matter, while the blow is aphotic matter, there is acutely far added traveling on in the cosmos that is not getting apparent or known. However, from what we can actuate from all the UFO sightings, hauntings, apparitions, astral bump experiences, near-death experiences, and absolute communications from souls who accept anesthetized over to the afterlife, there is not alone cutting affirmation that activity exists on these college planes of existence, it is aswell a activity of the accomplished superior imaginable.


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