Charles Jennings - Why a Above Reuters Arch is Now an E-Learning Authority

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 22 October 11:20   
With the bulk of times I accept apparent the name Charles Jennings pop up in contempo account apropos e-Learning and business online, I was afraid to ascertain that there was not a absolute and abreast contour that was simple to acquisition (yet, rather confusingly, there was a Wikipedia for addition Charles Jennings - announcer and vice-president of CBC). Consequently, I was spurred on to do some analysis and to address this - in adjustment to try and accept why Charles Jennings has so abundant to say about e-Learning.

In a contour at, it is declared that his `wide background`, including a captain at Southampton University and getting arch of the analysis centre, led to Jennings`s absorption in the accord amid acquirements and business. "Every organisation is affianced in acquirements and development...That can be summed up in one word: performance." Afterwards a somewhat small-scale alpha with the active of the assisting analysis centre at Southampton University, Jennings anon begin a position in a bigger pond as a cardinal technology administrator at Dow Jones

However, it was Jennings`s role as all-around arch of acquirements at Thomson Reuters that has becoming him his acceptability as an able in apprenticeship development in business - a role that saw him amenable for 18,000 humans worldwide. Yet, it was the statistics he saw from acknowledged agents development schemes that absolutely propelled his interest, he states: "Employees who plan for managers who are able at developing humans appearance a 25% achievement access over humans who plan for a administrator who is abortive at developing people, and a 39% added likelihood of blockage with their employers."

Since his time at Reuters, Jennings has accustomed himself as a acquirements and development consultant, and a agent for the affiliation of e-Learning in the workplace. In a annotation on the advertisement of a CIPD analysis at, he bidding agitation at the allegation that there had been a 6 percent abatement in the bulk of businesses that were introducing and extending their e-Learning in allegory to endure year.

"Many may accept approved e-learning once," he reasoned, "but had a poor acquaintance and absitively it doesn`t work." With the development and always accretion efficiency, he apprenticed anyone in allegation of HR to amend investment in such acquirements methods for the allowances of their businesses and staff. Whether it`s the use of Web 2.0 technologies or extenuative money from visiting training centres, Jennings promotes the abstraction that addition is the key to get the alotof from online acquirements in the workplace.


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