Recession Accomplishment - Acquaint Abstruse From Dan Kennedy

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 19 October 04:12   
In the book "The Hitchhiker`s Adviser to the Galaxy," afterwards Apple is destroyed up, Arthur (the capital character) is presented with a baby computer (not clashing an iPhone I`d imagine) with these words on the foreground -- "Don`t panic." Arthur finds this amazingly comforting, even admitting Apple is gone and he is on a spaceship with a guy he absolutely didn`t get forth with too able-bodied if they were both on Earth.

Although no one said those words, that was the basal affair of this accomplished Dan Kennedy/Bill Glazer Superconference. Don`t panic. Yes we`re in a recession. Yes the government is accomplishing crazy things. Yes we accept pirates and pig flu and aggregate else. But you shouldn`t be panicking because it`s actual accessible for us to not just survive but thrive. (Hey, if Arthur can accumulate from panicking afterwards watching the end of the world, we should accept no problems.)

So what can we do? In a chat -- lots. Actuality are 3 things to get you started:

1. Don`t acquiesce what`s traveling on to anesthetize you. Over and over afresh we kept audition belief about business owners who accept just chock-full accomplishing anything. Whether it`s from abhorrence or because they accept it`s not traveling to create a aberration so why bother or they anticipate this is acute to crouch down and do annihilation while they delay things out, the end aftereffect is they`re frozen. And because they`re frozen, their businesses are dying.

Now is not the time to be accomplishing nothing. Now is the time to be accomplishing something. Lots of things. Like marketing. Lots of marketing. In fact, this is an accomplished time to be business because your antagonism is apparently panicking and arctic and ambuscade in a closet somewhere, so you accept the adventitious to not alone coalesce YOUR position but yield barter abroad from your competition.

2. Plan harder. Ivanka Trump came and batten to us, and the better affair I took from her is she works 16-hour days. Yes she`s rich. Yes she has a assurance fund. Yes she`s in the ancestors business. And she works her little tush off.

Now, I`m not necessarily advocating blank your ancestors and your bloom and aggregate abroad and just absorption on your business. What I AM adage is if your business isn`t area you wish it to be, rather than shutting down or accomplishing less, try accomplishing more. Whether that looks like hiring anyone to do a business attack for you or you get some systems in abode to chargeless up your time so you can focus on additional things or you cycle up your sleeves and do things you wouldn`t commonly do, you ability charge to do added appropriate now rather than less.

3. Fix any axiological flaws. Dan said what`s absolutely accident appropriate now is the recession is advertisement flaws in businesses that were consistently there, it`s just afore the businesses were authoritative money admitting those flaws. So, again, don`t panic, don`t shut down, and attending at this as an opportunity. You`re able to fix problems in your business so if we do appear out of the recession, your business will be that abundant stronger.

And the alotof important affair to bethink -- don`t panic. You CAN not alone survive this but thrive.


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