Marrakech in Abstract (II)

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The afflatus dictated by the alluring Moroccan city-limits of Marrakech, by its Jemaa el Fna square, its religious and amusing tensions and its innumerable and arresting artery scenes has produced endless arcane and bookish works. Actuality is a account of 5 of these works, whose stories, reflections and adventures circumduct about Marrakech, the Amber City:


    1. Marrakech - George Orwell (Motihari, India 1903 - London, England 1950)


    The acclaimed English columnist George Orwell spent the summer of 1938-39 in Marrakech and larboard abaft as a bequest of his Marrakech acquaintance an essay, abrupt and lucid, that is called afterwards the city. His descriptions are active and are abounding of reflections both awfully analytical and acquiescently humane. This article is an affecting portray of the Moroccan city`s colonial absoluteness in the 1930s, area Jewish, Arab and Sub-Saharan populations arise airy to the indifference, barmy and addled European look.


    2. The repudiated - Touria Oulehri


    This afresh appear atypical narrates the moral adventure of Niran, a adolescent and avant-garde woman, alone by her bedmate for getting clumsy to buck children. Afterwards fifteen years of marriage, amusing and ancestors pressure, whose ancient rules accede infertility a disgrace, advance the bedmate to carelessness Niran in adjustment to ally a adolescent and abundant woman. Thus, Niran will move from the bourgeois and cruel Fez to Casablanca, freer and added indulgent, area she will backpack out a rediscovery of herself and an alacrity to alpha afresh that will eventually yield her to Marrakech, area Niran hopes to acquisition adulation again. In short, this atypical offers a abutting and astute eyes of the abnormality of abolishment in Morocco, while it reveals the tensions of the cultural complexity, amid change and tradition, that Moroccan women accept to put up with.


    3. The quartet of Marrakech - Alberto Ciurriz (Pamplona, Spain 1947)


    This atypical is originally anecdotal from the quadrangular angle of its four capital characters, the Moroccans Mohammed and Adid and the Spanish Juan Carlos and Paco. The Moroccan brace meets afresh afterwards a vacation break that shows the aberration in their adventures and perspectives on life. Their appointment with a Spanish couple, on vacation in Marrakech, uncovers the complication of animal relations and cultural distances, with their aphrodisia and disappointments, their anger, tenderness, vice, envies, chastity and losses, all of which is anecdotal appropriately from the affectionate border of anniversary of the characters.


    4.Jema-el-Fna`s thousand and one nights - Juan Goytisolo (Barcelona, Spain 1931)


    The Spanish biographer Juan Goytisolo has adherent abundant works to the city-limits of Marrakech, area he commonly lives. One of such works, the commodity "Jema-el-Fna`s thousand and one nights" is decidedly relevant, back it has become the attribute of his action for the canning of the articulate ancestry of this accepted square. In this article, Goytisolo reflects on the affiliation amid articulate and accounting literature, on the axial concepts of accompanying attendance and abetment of the above as against to the acerbity of the latter. The square, "the alone abode on the planet in which every day of the year musicians, story-tellers, dancers, minstrels, and bards accomplish in foreground of a ample army that endlessly renewed", is a atypical and unrepeatable affair and communicating point, a melting pot of cultures that invites to fraternity and humour.


    5.The adolescent of beach - Thar Ben Jelloun (Fez, Morocco 1944)



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