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Analysis For OneStep FOB RapiCard

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 23 September 03:21   
One move cassette appearance begrimed abstruse claret analysis is a simple anatomy of examination. This is a simple, beeline bounden immunoassay for the quick and qualitative apprehension of animal abstruse claret in feces. The appraisal is invented to analyze the lower stages of colorectal bleeding than additional biochemical apprehension methods. The analysis cipher is an immunochromatographic sandwich address using two specific monoclonal antibodies to advisedly analyze claret in analysis samples.

The aftereffect is actual exact and allows an easy-to-understand estimation than those of guaiac-based test. Apropos the akin of sensitivity, it is actual top with the adequacy to analyze the 20 ng/ml claret in feces. Furthermore, the accurateness of the accelerated tests is not afflicted by interfering stuff, and comestible coercion is not needed.

So how case is collected? It is done by accession a stool. It may apply the appropriate sample accumulating apparatus provided. The actual first affair that is appropriate to do is unscrewing the top of the sample accumulating accessory and demography out the sample accumulating stick, and collects the sample by coast the stick into 3 assorted places of the stool sample. Then, you charge to abode the sample accumulating stick aback in the sample accumulating apparatus and spiral calm tightly.

The rapid tests kit is stored at temperature from 2 to 30 amount Celsius in the closed abridged to the cessation date. The kit haveto be kept in a abode safe from the harms of absolute sunlight, moisture, and heat. If using the kits, accumulate in apperception that this is for analytic purposes only. Accommodating specimens may accept communicable agents and haveto be advised as if able of appointment disease. It is brash that a being haveto abrasion disposable gloves. Don`t acclimated the kit above the accomplishment date and not reusable. It is all-important to chase instructions to abstain alarming contagion that will advance to sickness.


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