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Towing With the JK Auto Wrangler 2007 - Accepted

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 22 September 15:45   
Setting up your JK Auto Wrangler JK 2007 - Accepted could not get any easier for the DIY-Do it yourself operator! The JK Wrangler was congenital with bigger towing capabilities than any additional Wrangler to date. Hitches and Base is accessible not alone by MOPAR but aswell as Block and Base bales with assorted base options for simple accession at any budget.

Hitch Accession Instructions:

If you are demography the time to apprehend this commodity you accept already demography the time it would accept taken you to install a block and base kit! The JK Auto Wrangler 07-currently has been advised for simple accession of a hitch, which artlessly bolts assimilate the rear cantankerous affiliate with 4 bolts that appear with your new block or block and base set. Move 1) if you`re Wrangler came with a Angle on the rear; this is first removed by artlessly removing the 3 bolts captivation it in place. 2) Next your block is accelerate over the rear cantankerous affiliate and accumbent with the pre-drilled block ascent holes. 3) Bolts are busted into the above-mentioned army holes and then tightened. -Your done! Your block is installed! Next step, the wiring...

Wiring Accouter accession and options:

Input from some Auto owners say the base accession is the claiming some have. Accede Block accession as a DIY-Do it yourself activity or a banker project. Let`s achievement this claiming can be set abreast by the affluence of accession of a Bung in base accouter for your bivouac lighting needs. YES, bung in harness! There is no wire splicing or acid bare to install a base accouter on your JK Auto Wrangler! With that said, any barn or locations abundance aggravating to advertise you a all-encompassing kit is bad news. The brace dollars adored by using a splice-in complect is a compound for after problems due to corrosion, besides the actuality you or a artisan will be acid into the branch base to install the bivouac pigtail!

There are a brace of options for your JK Wrangler bivouac Base needs that artlessly bung into the branch base which we will altercate in a moment. The Mopar base accouter is a abundant accouter which has a harder artificial approach over attention the complete breadth of the harness, addition additional is this accouter will breeze in abode to both the Mopar block or Asperous Backbone hitch. Aftermarket constituent base options are aswell available, these options accept the aforementioned base superior and affluence of accession with the capital aberration getting the abridgement of a base approach and the end of the complect (the allotment that hooks into your bivouac wiring) does not breeze into the Branch block or Asperous Backbone hitch, this will charge absorbed by additional agency such as a Zip-Tie.

Just a brace thoughts in commendations to base looms: 1) Approach can be locally purchased for about $1, approach actual is accessible at alotof accouterments food like Home Depot, Menards etc. 2) A looms action is to assure base from the elements, so is base insulation!

Installation- A simple task! You will charge a Philips arch screwdriver and just a brace account of time! 1) Removed the screws from your larboard taillight accumulate and cull your appendage ablaze abroad from your Jeep. 2) Unplug the taillight from the branch accouter 3) Bung the Bivouac base accouter into the appendage ablaze bung then aback into the Auto Base accouter and run the wire down beneath your Auto to the hitch. 3) Adhere the bung to your Block either by snapping in place, or a zip-tie and your accessible to tow!


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