Kitchen First Aid - Foods To Alleviate & Allay Your Little Ones

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 02 September 03:37   
THE MASHED Assistant TRICK: the ouchless way to abolish splinters! Instead of traveling afterwards something anchored (splinter, glass, thorn) with tweezers (ouch!), try some ripe, mashed assistant on the area, covered with tape, overnight. The enzymes in the assistant draw it to the apparent for simple abatement the next morning. Mashed assistant aswell works for cartoon out a pimple!

THE Evil-smelling ONION: for the bite of a bee, the chaw of a bug. Been apathetic or stung? Yield abroad the aching or the crawling by abrading with a afresh cut onion!

THE Alkali BATH: to allay the affliction of a sunburn put one cup angel cider alkali in the ablution (buy copse age-old from the bloom aliment store, not chemically age-old from the supermarket). Soothes and cools!

MRS. RABBIT`S SECRET: for belly aches, indisposition and afraid upset. Abate Rabbit`s affection went pit-a-pat as he ran from Agriculturalist MacGregor. His mother knew how to calm him: a nice balmy cup of Chamomile tea. If he couldn`t beddy-bye or had a belly ache, acceptable old Chamomile came to the rescue.

THE Evil-smelling ONION - AGAIN!: for bumps, strains and sprains. If my able-bodied boys accept accessory injuries, we band on a sliced, chicken onion overnight. It reduces affliction and swelling.

KISSED A FROG - GOT A WART?: the Brush Oil trick. We don`t absolutely anticipate that frogs accord us warts but whatever does we can banish them this way: every night for 3 weeks, create a adhesive from baking soda and Brush Oil. Abode on the birthmark and awning with tape. Abolish in the morning. Stop afterwards 3 weeks and then the birthmark will alotof acceptable about-face black, dry up and abatement off, never to return!

PETER PIPER Best A Beak OF PICKLED PEPPERS: If Abate Piper had best Cayenne pepper he could accept acclimated it to stop bleeding! Putting delicate Cayenne on a bleeding cut not alone doesn`t aching but stops the bleeding in 10 seconds! Administer and awning with bandage. It even stops the abundant bleeding that can action with arch wounds.

THE Amber Cardboard BAG TRICK: to stop a blood-soaked adenoids put a baby section of a amber cardboard bag amid the high lip and gum as top up as it can go. The top lip will authority it in place. Bleeding will stop in a few minutes!

WINNIE-THE-POOH`S Bake REMEDY: Honey, the candied and adhesive band-aid to accessory burns. Acclaim administer to yield the aching from a burn. Use alone raw, accustomed honey from the bloom aliment store, abounding of enzymes. Winnie-the-Pooh wouldn`t accept gotten his honey from a supermarket!

OIL OF EUCALYPTUS: Man/Woman and Dog`s best friend! If you`ve got a algid and can`t breathe, put a few drops of Oil of Eucalyptus (found in bloom aliment stores) on a wad of affection blimp central a baby container. Every time you charge to bright your head, accessible the alembic and breathe deeply. It`s absolutely a safe and accustomed inhaler!

THE FASHIONABLE PET REPELS TICKS: Dip a braiding in Oil of Eucalyptus, blanket in a bandana and tie about your pet`s neck. The Eucalyptus repels fleas and ticks. Pets attending cute, too! Brace the braiding alert a week. You can aswell put one allotment Eucalyptus in 16 locations baptize into a aerosol canteen and aerosol on your pet and on yourself afore gardening, hiking, arena in the grass.

THE Evil-smelling ONION - YES, AGAIN! To put a stop to ceaseless coughing, agilely allotment a chicken onion, blanket in cheese bolt and balmy in the oven at 200 degrees for just a few minutes, Abode on your candied child`s chest and awning with a T-shirt. By the time I got from my son`s bed to the door, the coughing stopped! Onion is a acclaimed European remedy.

PEPPERMINT TEA: the nicest way to advice a cephalalgia and stomachache. Abrupt a Peppermint tea bag (it shouldn`t accommodate annihilation but Peppermint) in a cup of above water, covered, for 10 minutes. Add honey, if you like, and watch those sad aperture about-face into a smile if they anon feel better.

ECHINACEA: Absolve you! What sounds like a apprehend is infact something to create you well. A final agenda for parents: if you are absorbed in accustomed healing for your ancestors then you haveto acquisition out about Echinacea (eck-i-nay-sha). It is about like an herbal antibacterial and anti-viral and stimulates the allowed system. If a adolescent has appear home with some affectionate of bug, you accord it to that adolescent to advice create them able-bodied and you accord it to the blow of the ancestors to advice accumulate them well! This way affliction charge not biking through the absolute family.


    -Andrea Candee, MH, MSC


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