Superstitions and Friday the 13th - Advantageous Or Unlucky?

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 23 August 10:26   
Friday the Thirteenth has been advised by some humans to be a actual afflicted day, if no amount how abundant you try, things can just go amiss and it is above your ascendancy to do annihilation about it.

This fable may accept it`s roots in the old adventure that Jacques de Molay of the Knights Templars was accomplished on Friday the Thirteenth and that conceivably a anathema of sorts exists to this day arising from that adventure said to accept happened continued ago.

In reality, what humans accept becomes true for them, and that affects every allotment of their lives. If anyone believes that Friday the Thirteenth is an afflicted day, then it will prove to be an afflicted day for them.

We accord too abundant ability to things alfresco of ourselves if we abatement for that old superstition. In additional words, some humans may accept that they accept no ascendancy over the fates and that they haveto accede to the unluckiness that Friday the Thirteenth will consistently accompany them.

When we accept to accept that Friday the Thirteenth is a Aloof day, or bigger yet a Advantageous day for us, then it becomes just that. What we accept to be true becomes what IS true for us. It is our behavior which make our own reality.

One approach about why some humans accede the amount thirteen to be afflicted absolutely goes aback to a time if the absolute Matriarchal Association and way of cerebration was getting threatened and overtaken by a Affectionate Society.

The amount thirteen represents the absolute amount of 28 day cycles that action in a year, which is a accustomed ages for women. The Feminine affiliation with the amount thirteen presented a claiming to a altered array of cerebration and aesthetics consort by the Affectionate movement.

As the Abbey at that time approved to eradicate the old means and catechumen the humans abroad from the earlier Matriarchal Religions and accompany them beneath the administration of the Affectionate Church, it was all-important to create annihilation absolute associated with the old way of cerebration bad or unlucky.

This is basically an out of date abstraction today, abnormally with some humans gluttonous a acknowledgment to the All-powerful Feminine. Even the guys are aggravating to get in blow with their feminine sides.

So let that old superstition about Friday the Thirteenth getting afflicted die. And alter that anticipation with a new compassionate that Friday the Thirteenth is as advantageous for you as you accept it can be.

Believe it. Understand it. And so it is.

Copyright 2006 Sherry Sims


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