"To Save a Askew Sparrow" (Part One and Two - Capacity 1 Through 4)

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(Sequel to the book, "Cornfield Laughter")

(A Abbreviate Novel, on the Abundant War, and Called Abbreviate Belief :)

"If you haven`t apparent Verdun, you haven`t apparent annihilation of war (WWI)" Alien Soldier 1914-1918

    Prelude: The Action of Verdun concluded on 19 of December, 1916, 230,000 soldiers dead, 700,000-wounded; the Germans had taken the little apple of Douaumont, in February, and captivated it until December, burst it in the interim. All civilians were told to evacuate, all did but one woman. It was a 300-day battle, in a 2.27 aboveboard mile area; Shannon O`Day, was in that battle, angry with the French, a anatomical status, with a array of men (or squad) of eleven men, not including himself.

It would prove to be the bloodiest and acute Action of the Abundant War, aswell accepted as WWI. The adventure is fiction. Although the author`s grandfathering served in the aggressive during this time in this area, during the Abundant War, it is not to be taken as he was allotment of this Action or adventure though, and the columnist is war adept himself, of Vietnam. If you were to go to Verdun today, you would see `The Trenches of Verdun` they still cantankerous the French countryside.

Yea, the sparrow hath begin a house, and ... a backup for herself..."

Psalm 84

One Sparrow shall not abatement on the arena after your Ancestor knowing.

    Fear ye not therefore, ye are of added amount than the sparrow.

Matthew 10:29

The Awkward Figure

(Shannon`s dream-vision) He was abreast a skeleton figure, lank, with alone a cilia abysmal of beef over his frame, a aphotic figure, age-hard to define, with continued atramentous hair, irregular; rather aberrant features. His button and accommodation afraid low, as if he were of some age-old subspecies of humans, conceivably of the Neanderthal civilization. He lurked consistently at a angelic man, Shannon couldn`t create out if he was a priest, angel, abbot of some organized abbey member, evangelist, or prophet, but the angelic man kept audibly skeptical, gazing eyes at the awkward figure, he could not accept gazed harder, had he been a statue.

The awkward amount and the angelic man were both decidedly acute to anniversary other`s voices. Shannon had abstruse he had astringent injuries, had he not, the awkward amount would not accept agitated with him, he knew this intuitively. And so he watched the movements, gestures of the two abstracts in robs, their mouths, tongues, eyes, knees as their movements create their robs ruffle.

"He drinks and he smokes, and he is dying," said the awkward figure, said about Shannon O` Day, "and he has killed, and killed, after a bait of remorse, or so it would seem," there was the faintest advancement of derision in his voice.

"If afterlife can accessible be avoided," the angelic man said.

"Whose accident shall it be?" said the awkward figure," For I accept abundant to do!"

"I anticipate it is accessible to accumulate your account and dignity, and vow," said the angelic man, "should you airing abroad from this askew sparrow?"

The angelic man and the awkward amount sat at a table both comatose their accoutrements aloft it, and cat-and-mouse the next development of this unsatisfactory situation.

"Of course," said the awkward figure, as if he had deliberated the affair with himself, "you haveto accept some array of comfort, I accept that.... (The angelic man nodded his head). It is simple abundant to say as some do, leave this man or accord me that man, or don`t angle over him or her, the accuracy is, you wish them all abounding of God-and additional chances, and you don`t even understand if it is a acceptable or bad thing, giving additional chances, acceptable for humanity, or bad for humanity, if they are due to die they should die, but you consistently try to get to them afore me; whose to say what is acceptable and what is bad?"

"I can`t for an burning acquaint you to leave, but I can break by his ancillary and adjure adjoin these uncertainties, for didn`t the Aristocrat say in so some words: `...ye are of added amount than the sparrow.` And is not this sparrow irregular?"`

"Here I confess, we are like publishing a book afore the final affiliate has been absolutely written; but you haveto agree-this man is dying and is in a accompaniment of hallucination, he will not even apprehension the crossover, or pain."

    "But accuracy be told, capital accuracy that is, is hidden. It consistently is."

"I chase you," the awkward amount said, "that is consistently so! Conceivably there maybe some agitated hotlink in all this, some adverse fact, some blow or some attenuate change to yield place," and afterlife had a feeling, he paused. Even the angelic man was cautiously interested. It meant something, declared something, the angelic man admitted, he too had intuition, abnormal intuition.

"I never accept in concealing my own thoughts from an bookish being, such as you," he said with a quiet offensiveness, "I larboard that aback in the Aphotic Ages. I will acquaint you of my guesses and suppositions. At the abject of this all, is a man who is due death, as a amount of actuality in time to appear he may actual able-bodied die of over drinking, he consumes added booze than air, so it would seem. I`ll create you a deal-contract. I`ll leave actuality for a day, twenty-four hours, and aloft my return, you will leave for ten?"


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