Designing Action Based Costing (ABC) Systems

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Activity based costing is about a change in accent.People backpack out activities and activities absorb resources. Therefore, by authoritative activities the administrator is ensuring that costs are controlled at their source.A astute administrator will not apply on how to account artefact costs but will apply added on why the costs were there in the first place.When designing an action based costing arrangement this should be acclimated as a abandonment point.

In adjustment to architecture an action based costing arrangement it is important to bethink that the objectives should be met at the minimum amount and complexity.To be successful, the final action based costing arrangement should accommodate the appropriate affectionate of advice at the appropriate akin of detail.In accession to this the architecture of the arrangement should be as simple as accessible after getting too simple, back it may address inaccurate costs if it is too simple.The acknowledgment is to bang a antithesis amid artlessness and complexity.

In accession to this, achievement measures should be articular at action akin and for key activities.They should be acclimated to adviser and appraise activities or processes and haveto be acclimated to advance constant improvement.This should be done after unnecessarily complicating the architecture of the system.

It is true that managers too generally focus on attention and avoid how authentic the data acclimated are.This can advance to the erroneous acceptance by a administrator that advice is added exact than it absolutely is.

The seven assumptions basal the architecture of an action based costing arrangement are that:


  1. Activities in a business absorb resources

  2. Producing articles or application barter advance activities

  3. The Business archetypal is focussed on burning rather than spending

  4. Consuming aggregation assets can accept abundant causes

  5. A advanced array of activities can be articular and abstinent in any company

  6. Cost pools should be homogeneous


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