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 11 August 11:59   
It`s time to revisit the apprehensive and quintessentially Indian bhaji. Whether it`s rice or chapatti that`s captivation centre-stage, no meal is complete after a ancillary or 2 of veggies to add comestible amount as able-bodied as blush to it.

    You`d anticipate you can`t anytime go amiss with these all-over standbys. Afterwards all, all that`s appropriate to put them calm is a little bleared and some seasoning. But attending what happens if you yield a dieter`s aliment cucumber and put it in a blend of butter, cream, paneer and cashew paste! You get Bharwan Kheera!


    85 Kcals

    Contents: Tinda, oil, coconut, coriander leaves, sugar, salt, spices.


    81 Kcals

    Contents: Sprouted vaal (field bean), kokum, spices, back-scratch leaves, ginger, onion, jaggery, coriander leaves, oil, salt.


    847 Kcals

    (Or how an aggressive baker can about-face a about zero-calorie veggie into bulk calorie dish)

    Contents: Cucumber, paneer, makhana (lotus seed), cashew nut, blooming chillies, tomatoes, onions, ginger, garlic, garam masala, beginning coriander, butter, raisins, kasoori methi, cream, salt.



    Contents: Cauliflower, blooming peas, oil, coconut, coriander leaves, auto juice, sugar, salt, spices.


    I am 5`4.5" tall, weight 62 kg and 30 years-old. Back the accomplished seven years I accept been traveling to the gym every day, alive out for 90 mins 2 hours with abundant weights as per instructions of my coach. My physique measurements: Chest (expended) 39", belly 32", biceps 14", thighs 20.5". I accept aught ability apropos diet. Attentive explain what affectionate of diet I should chase to aerate allotment from my gym routine.


    It is auspicious to understand that you are alive out so regularly. You can accompaniment your exercise accepted with the adapted diet to get optimum results.

Pay accurate absorption to your pre-workout and post-workout meals, abnormally on weight training days. The pre-workout meal (had approx 45-60 mins afore exercise) should abide of carbohydrates and baby quantities of protein for e. g. one assistant + a cup of milk or cornflakes with milk. This will forward abundant activity to your anatomy to acquiesce them to plan after fatiguing. The first two hours afterwards a conditioning is you window of befalling to refuel anatomy in the alotof able and targeted address possible. This meal should accommodate acceptable quantities of protein (preferably first chic protein) and carbohydrates. A lot of humans create the aberration of accepting alone protein afterwards their conditioning and do not yield acceptable carbs. But your anatomy charge to furnish its food of glycogen (the begin in which glucose/carbs are stored) in adjustment to abound and action properly.

If you are non-vegetarian you can accept ample quantities of egg whites, craven or angle or brush milk, derma milk acerbate or paneer forth with acceptable carbs such as rotis, bread, potato, banana.

If you are into austere weight training, blame abundant weights and do not accept the time, ability or advice to create your own meals, you may go for protein powders like whey, soy and casein, which are first chic proteins. Besides these guidelines, you aswell charge to

Avoid absurd foods, sweets, chocolate, cakes and pastries, which will couldcause your physique fat allotment to rise.

    Drink 2 - 2 litres of baptize daily.

    Eat baby and common meals.

    Take a multivitamin supplement.


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