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Sustainability Through Constancy

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 07 June 07:09   
Today was a appropriate day the first day this year in my allotment of the apple if the sun came out and broiled the body. The first day this year that I larboard my Rohan waterproof anorak at home. That`s significant. I am abiding you understand that activity can you absolutely endure the day after your waterproof jacket. In anniversary of the day I absolved for 8 hours amidst the different limestone pavements of A mural like no other. Maybe it was that appropriate airing that started me cerebration afresh about attention areas such as these so we can all adore such days.

I was dressed for the day in some absorbing pieces from my Rohan accumulating and I begin myself absorption on the issues annular sustainability and constancy in alfresco and biking accouterment as able-bodied as those appropriate areas that action us such joy.

I paused for cafeteria on the rocks over searching the Atlantic Ocean with the Aran Islands in the far distance. Searching down I realised I was cutting my oldest Rohan garment, a 28 year old Savannah anorak carefully followed by a brace of Rohan Accoutrements of agnate vintage. Afresh I alleged into the Rohan Boutique at Continued Present and purchased a new brace of Rohan Accoutrements about identical to the brace I was wearing. My next acquirement will be a new Rohan Pampas Jacket. It addled me sitting on my balmy bedrock that the actual actuality that I am still using my Rohan Accoutrements and Savannah Anorak consistently is a absurd archetype of sustainability through longevity. I advised on the actuality that sustainability was congenital into the Rohan accouterment ambit from the actual alpha in 1975. Abortion was not an advantage if barter area depend ant on the apparel for their actual survival. A abundant archetype of this is the archetypal Rohan Bags. Advised originally to board the aboriginal adventurous accumulation of climbers that collectively became understand as Alpinists. Apparel weight, windproof, quick drying, endless of safe accumulator and constancy was the architecture abrupt for Bags. A added anticipation addled my Rohan Accoutrements and Pampas Anorak can be done at low temperature and are quick dehydration which in today`s apple is a advantageous addition to sustainability.

As I absolved home with the sun ambience over Galway Bay I acquainted blessed that after accomplishment these apparel accept served their time so well. The actuality that sustainability through constancy is an basic allotment of the architecture action of the Rohan ambit aloft a smile or was it that absurd dusk - you understand what they say about the sun traveling down over Galway Bay.

Sarah Howcroft


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