Installing Perl

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To use the Perl programming accent you haveto install a Perl interpreter. Depending on the operating arrangement you are using, it is accessible that the analyst may be already installed. To see whether it is installed, go to a command alert and enter:

perl -v

If you get a bulletin like `command not found` or `Bad command or book name`, it agency that the analyst is not installed or the aisle of the analyst has not been added to the arrangement (environment) capricious (in Windows).

If it is installed, its adaptation amount forth with a few additional $.25 of advice will be printed (displayed on the screen).

Installing Perl on Windows

ActiveState Apparatus Corp provides a self-installing Perl distribution. You can download and install this from the website.

Make abiding that the area of the analyst is added to the aisle capricious (in ambiance variables), which is attainable via the Ascendancy Panel.

Installing Perl on Unix

You can download Perl from the website. Create abiding that you download the `stable` or `production` adaptation and not a adaptation that is still getting developed and tested.

Installing Perl on a Macintosh

You can download and install Perl for a Macintosh from the website.


With every installation, you get a abounding archetype of the latest adaptation of the documentation. Already the software is installed, you can admission the affidavit from the command band by entering the afterward command:

perldoc perl

You may aswell be able to admission an HTML adaptation of the documentation, which you can appearance in a browser. For a Windows installation, this would about be begin at C:Perlhtmlindex.html.


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