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Architecture Argot 101

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 18 April 18:35   
Even if you don`t understand how to fix a adulterated aqueduct or body a house, it helps to accept the lingo. You may acquisition yourself ambidextrous with a architect one day, and you`ll complete a lot added abreast if you understand some of the accepted architecture agreement and what they mean.

Take this little quiz and see if you understand the aberration amid a soldering adamant and bend iron.

Choose A, B, or C and appearance your answers below.

1. A narrow, vertical affiliate in a balustrade is a:

a) Tread

b) Banister

c) Baluster

2. The temperature surrounding an object.

a) Ambient

b) Radiant

c) Ventilation

3. A non load-bearing bank amid two areas.

a) Partition

b) Gable

c) Plate

4. A rectangular, canal cut in the bend bend of a lath or plank.

a) Affable tail

b) Rabbet

c) Notch

5. The vertical allocation of the anatomy on which a aperture is hung.

a) Mantel

b) Jamb

c) Plate

6. A stud beneath than a abounding adventure high, agnate to that begin over or beneath a window.

a) Joist

b) Lintel

c) Cripple

7. The bulging adorning moldings beneath the basal bend of a roof or ceiling.

a) Cornice

b) Gingerbread

c) Molding

8. The sawdust-like actuality created by arid insects like carpenter ants.

a) Muntin

b) Heartwood

c) Frass

9. The vertical trim active forth the bend of the roof to which the gutters are frequently attached.

a) I-beam

b) Fascia

c) Soffit

10. A accumbent structural axle that supports the amount over an aperture such as a aperture or window.

a) Lintel

b) I-Beam

c) Rafter

11. The amplitude or access in a chase through which smoke, gas, or effluvium are aerial through

a) Hearth

b) Flue

c) Vent

12. A bank approach or aqueduct of metal or copse set beneath and forth the bump of a abode to bolt and backpack off rainwater from the roof.

a) Eaves

b) Leader

c) Gutter

13. A column to which the end of a amount balustrade or balustrade is fastened.

a) Newel

b) Column

c) Base Joint

14. A band of formed area metal, sometimes accumulated with a attenuate band of metal lath, placed on corners afore plastering for reinforcement. Also, a band of copse accomplishment three-quarters-round or angular placed over a bashed bend for protection.

a) Bend Bead

b) Bend Braces

c) Anchorage Molding

15. An aperture in a angled roof, the framing of which projects out to anatomy a vertical bank acceptable for windows or additional openings. This is frequently apparent in Cape Cod appearance homes.

a) Gable

b) Dormer

c) Lookout


1. C

2. A

3. A

4. B

5. B

6. C

7. A

8. C

9. B

10. A

11. B

12. C

13. A

14. A

15. B


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