Ascertain Wallops Copse Free-Range Pork

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 29 November 11:31   

The chargeless ambit pig assemblage at Wallops Copse Dairy Farm, in Droxford, Hampshire, was accustomed in 2004 by Sam Martin and his wife. Dairy agriculture had been in Sam’s ancestors for ancestors but Sam wasn’t absorbed in article farming. The brace were agog to authorize a acreage bearing aliment that they absolutely believed in and were blessed to eat themselves day in, day out. Their attenuate brand Gloucester Old Atom pigs are chargeless to roam on the book hills of the farm, addition their atom based diet with grass, maize, angel lurid and whatever abroad they beat from the earth.

The free range, boring grown, pork is cut and arranged on the acreage by their own able annihilation team. Hams and bacon are dry convalescent on-site. This enables abounding traceability of the product.

Customers cover several Michelin starred restaurants, a accessory academy and the bounded apple shop. Pork is delivered chargeless of allegation by the acreage to their customers. This Hampshire aliment ambassador is advanced thinking. In the approaching they plan to ability a added chump abject by affairs their chargeless ambit pork on-line.

Their website is advised to affect agog cooks with recipes using their pork, including ‘Home Create Aloft Old Atom Pork Pies’ and ‘Home Create Faggots’.

Quotations from chefs who are blessed barter aswell reinforce the superior and agreeableness of their produce. Adam Cordery the Chef/Proprietor of The Bakers Accoutrements in Droxford, Hampshire says,

“We accept begin that Wallops Copse Dairy’s pork is a abundant affairs point in our restaurant due to the accomplished superior of the product. In fact, we are confined added buzz pork than beef which is awful unusual.”


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