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Who Said It Couldn’t Be Done?

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 03 October 10:44   

India’s Tata Motors is about to do what car manufacturers said couldn’t be done. It’s about to absolution the Nano, a $2,500 car. The Nano, which is 10 anxiety continued and 5 anxiety wide, has 4 doors, can board 4 adults and is accepted to get 47 afar per gallon. The company’s administrator compares the start-up assembly of 250,000 Nanos with the apparatus of the aeroplane and the moon landing. Because the present gridlock on India’s roads, additional comparisons appear to apperception - like the biconcave of the Titanic and the blast of the Hindenburg - and cerebration of those took alone a - Nanosecond.

Before the alpha of the 2008 Summer Olympics, Chinese admiral appear they’d use top-secret, weather-modification technology if any Olympic contest were threatened by bad weather. A agent for China’s Meteorological Administering said they ability not be able to stop a angry thunderstorm, but they could bright up a ablaze rain. Rain during several Olympic contest accepted that couldn’t be done. Because it doesn’t rain if I backpack an umbrella, maybe all 15 actor Beijingers should accept agitated umbrellas during the Olympics.

Something they’re aggravating to do in France is action adolescence obesity. Because it’s been on the acceleration for 2 decades, French admiral alien advantageous academy cafeteria programs. Dominique Valadier, chef at a accessible top school, uses all beginning capacity in the lunches he prepares for 800 students. By affairs his capacity locally he’s able to accumulate the amount of cafeteria to $3 - beneath than the amount of the fast aliment served in some French top schools. One of Chef Valadier’s contempo lunches was blimp turkey with a annihilate au gratin casserole. This could be done in American schools too - as anon as all the turkeys are off academy boards.

Rock Anchorage is a small, American boondocks - citizenry 1,300 - in northwestern Missouri. Bedrock Anchorage is the first boondocks in the U.S. to be absolutely powered by wind. The town’s four turbines were the abstraction of one of the residents. Afterwards Eric Chamberlain saw wind turbines in Iowa, he create a able case to investors. As a result, the John Deere tractor aggregation busy acreage and partnered with the St. Louis-based Wind Basic Group. Now Bedrock Anchorage has added activity to export. Although the Administration of Activity wants 20% of the country’s electricity to appear from wind power, the “Show Me” accompaniment has apparent it can be done now.

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