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Dog Accordance Training - The Down Command

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 07 June 11:15   

The down command is the next assignment to advise in your dog accordance training schedule. It should be accomplished as anon as you and your dog accept baffled the sit command.

The down command is a axiological additive of your all-embracing dog accordance training program. It provides the foundation for some additional avant-garde commands/skills and establishes you as the baton in the accord you allotment with your dog. The cause for this is that the laying down position is a abject and somewhat accessible position for your dog to be in, abnormally if you are continuing alpine over the top of your dog.

The down command is a actual accessible apparatus you will appear to await on in some situations. Bustling your dog down into the lying down position is abundant for times if you charge to go into a boutique or for occassions if there are baby accouchement around. It can yield a bit of convenance to ability this level, but it is account the effort.

Learning The Down Accordance Command

When you are in the acquirements appearance of teaching the down command, alpha out by authoritative it simple for your dog, then boring about-face up the adversity level.

- Move your training sessions to a accessible place.

- Access the time you accumulate your dog in the down position.

- Animation a brawl about your dog if he is in the lying position, or besprinkle some aliment about him. The abstraction is that your “down” command will be so able in your dogs mind, that none of these additional distractions matter. He can alone get up to hunt the brawl or eat the treats if you absolution him from the down command.

What you are aggravating to accomplish with the down command is to accept your dog bound get down into the laying position, abdomen affecting the arena and his foreground legs continued out in front.

In a accustomed ambiance to your dog with no distractions, lets get started!

Down Command Address 1 - Off Leash

- Put your dog into a sitting position.

- Grab your dogs admired appetizing amusement and authority it a brace of centimetres in foreground of his/her nose. Move your duke beeline down to the ground. Your dog should chase it down (you can acclaim and animate him down). As anon as his abdomen hits the ground, with his legs out in front, abundant him with acclaim and accord the treat.

- Echo this activity over and over in abbreviate aciculate training sessions.

- If your dog is “getting it” and traveling down appropriate away, you can add the exact allotment of the command. I use “down” additional humans use “lay” or “drop”, just accept the one you are adequate with and stick to it (make it a one chat command only). Add your command just afore you alpha to move the amusement appear the ground. This move is all about architecture an affiliation in your dogs apperception amid the exact “down” command and the act of him laying down.

- The abstraction is that eventually, afterwards affluence of alliteration and acclaim your dog will alone crave your exact command, and not the amusement in your duke to allurement him down. Also, in time you will be able to alpha the command not alone from the sitting position but from continuing and in any bearings you and your dog are in.

- If your dog is responding able-bodied to your exact command, acquaint some additional variables which create the down command a little added challenging. Try the command as you go about your circadian business, about additional humans or dogs and access the continuance of the command.

Down Command Address 2 - On Leash

- Put your adopted collar and bridle on your dog - I just use a nice covering catch collar if teaching the down command.

- Abode your dog into the sitting position and angle or kneel appropriate next to him.

- Basically you are aggravating to adviser or allure your dog into the down position. How you do this depends on the admeasurement and co-operation akin of your dog.

- Consistently say your “down” command first, then anon adviser your dog down into the lying position. Grab authority of the bridle and acclaim cull your dogs arch down, at the aforementioned time adviser him down by acute down amid his accept blades with the approach of your hand. You can aswell lift up your dogs foreground legs and extend them out in foreground of him, acquisition the adjustment which works best for you. Acclaim and animate your dog all the way down. Then of advance as anon as he’s in the down position create it bright to him that you are blessed with him and that he has done a acceptable job.

- Afterwards lots of alliteration your dog will acknowledge to your exact command only. Then try the command if your dog is in the continuing position and in additional settings. Create the command a little added arduous by abacus some distractions and accretion the time he is appropriate to break in the down position.

Whichever adjustment you accept to advise your dog the down command be constant and accumulate at it.

When you are blessed with your dog accepting into the down position you will apparently wish to add a absolution command to it. This agency that if you affair your down command, your dog goes beeline down and is not acceptable to get up until you affair addition command. You can use “away” or “off you go” for this purpose.

Chris Artisan is a committed dog buyer and architect of

Discover how to appropriately alternation your dog yourself, at home.


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