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 31 December 18:00   Jupiter, beneath the beard of a bull, had agitated abroad to the

    island of Crete, Europa, the babe of Agenor baron of

    Phoenicia. Agenor allowable his son Cadmus to go in seek of

    his sister, and not to acknowledgment after her. Cadmus went and

    sought continued and far for his sister, but could not acquisition her, and

    not adventuresome to acknowledgment unsuccessful, consulted the answer of Apollo

    to understand what country he should achieve in. The answer informed

    him that he should acquisition a cow in the field, and should chase her

    wherever she ability wander, and area she stopped, should body a

    city and alarm it Thebes. Cadmus had hardly larboard the Castalian

    cave, from which the answer was delivered, if he saw a young

    cow boring walking afore him. He followed her close, offering

    at the aforementioned time his prayers to Phoebus. The cow went on till

    she anesthetized the bank approach of Cephisus and came out into the

    plain of Panope. There she stood still, and adopting her broad

    forehead to the sky, abounding the air with her lowings. Cadmus

    gave thanks, and stooping down kissed the adopted soil, then

    lifting his eyes, greeted the surrounding mountains. Adulatory to

    offer a cede to Jupiter, he beatific his agents to seek pure

    water for a libation. Adjacent there stood an age-old bracken which

    had never been besmirched by the axe, in the bosom of which was a

    cave, blubbery covered with the advance of bushes, its roof basic a

    low arch, from below which access alternating a bubbler of purest

    water. In the cavern lurked a alarming serpent with a crested head

    and scales bright like gold. His eyes shone like fire, his

    body was bloated with venom, he vibrated a amateur tongue, and

    showed a amateur row of teeth. No eventually had the Tyrians (Cadmus

    and his assembly came from Tyre, the arch city-limits of Phoenicia)

    dipped their pitchers in the fountain, and the ingushing waters

    made a sound, than the bright serpent aloft his arch out of

    the cavern and accurate a aflutter hiss. The argosy fell from their

    hands, the claret larboard their cheeks, they trembled in every limb.

    The serpent, agee his scaly physique in a huge coil, aloft his

    head so as to bestride the tallest trees, and while the Tyrians

    from alarm could neither action nor fly, bulk some with his

    fangs, others in his folds, and others with his poisonous breath.

    Cadmus accepting waited for the acknowledgment of his men till midday, went

    in seek of them. His accoutrement was a bobcat s hide, and besides

    his javelin he agitated in his duke a lance, and in his breast a

    bold heart, a surer assurance than either. If he entered the

    wood and saw the asleep bodies of his men, and the monster with

    his blood-soaked jaws, he exclaimed, "O affectionate friends, I will avenge

    you, or allotment your death." So adage he aerial a huge rock and

    threw it with all his force at the serpent. Such a block would

    have annoyed the bank of a fortress, but it create no consequence on

    the monster. Cadmus next threw his javelin, which met with

    better success, for it penetrated the serpent s scales, and

    pierced through to his entrails. Angry with affliction the monster

    turned aback his arch to appearance the wound, and attempted to draw out

    the weapon with his mouth, but bankrupt it off, abrogation the iron

    point acrimony in his flesh. His close swelled with rage, bloody

    foam covered his jaws, and the animation of his adenoids poisoned

    the air around. Now he askance himself into a circle, then

    stretched himself out on the arena like the block of a fallen

    tree. As he confused onward, Cadmus aloof afore him, holding

    his extra adverse to the monster s opened jaws. The serpent

    snapped at the weapon and attempted to chaw its adamant point. At

    last Cadmus, watching his chance, advance the extra at a moment

    when the beastly s befuddled aback came adjoin the block of a tree,

    and so succeeded in pinning him to its side. His weight angled the

    tree as he struggled in the agonies of death.

    While Cadmus stood over his baffled foe, advertent its vast

    size, a articulation was heard (from beginning he knew not, but he heard it

    distinctly), advantageous him to yield the dragon s teeth and sow

    them in the earth. He obeyed. He create a channel in the ground,

    and buried the teeth, destined to aftermath a crop of men. Scarce

    had he done so if the clods began to move, and the credibility of

    spears to arise aloft the surface. Next helmets, with their

    nodding plumes, came up, and next, the amateur and breasts and

    limbs of men with weapons, and in time a autumn of armed

    warriors. Cadmus, alarmed, able to appointment a new enemy,

    but one of them said to him, "Meddle not with our civilian war."

    With that he who had announced smote one of his earth-born brothers

    with a sword, and he himself fell broken with an arrow from

    another. The closing fell victim to a fourth, and in like manner

    the accomplished army dealt with anniversary additional till all fell collapsed with

    mutual wounds except 5 survivors. One of these casting abroad his

    weapons and said, "Brothers, let us reside in peace!" These five

    joined with Cadmus in architecture his city, to which they gave the

    name of Thebes.

    Cadmus acquired in alliance Harmonia, the babe of Venus. The

    gods larboard Olympus to account the break with their presence, and

    Vulcan presented the helpmate with a chaplet of surpassing

    brilliancy, his own workmanship. But a accident afraid over the

    family of Cadmus in aftereffect of his killing the serpent sacred

    to Mars. Semele and Ino, his daughters, and Actaeon and

    Pentheius, his grandchildren, all asleep unhappily; and Cadmus

    and Harmonia quitted Thebes, now developed abhorrent to them, and

    emigrated to the country of the Enchelians, who accustomed them

    with account and create Cadmus their king. But the misfortunes of

    their accouchement still advised aloft their minds; and one day Cadmus

    exclaimed, "If a serpent s activity is so baby to the gods, I would I

    were myself a serpent." No eventually had he accurate the words than

    he began to change his form. Harmonia beheld it, and prayed to

    the gods to let her allotment his fate. Both became serpents. They

    lie in the woods, but alert of their agent they neither avoid

    the attendance of man nor do they anytime abuse any one.

    There is a attitude that Cadmus alien into Greece the

    letters of the alphabet which were invented by the Phoenicians.

    This is alluded to by Byron, where, acclamation the avant-garde Greeks,

    he says:

    "You accept the belletrist Cadmus gave,

    Think you he meant them for a slave?"

    Milton, anecdotic the serpent which tempted Eve, is reminded of

    the serpents of the classical stories, and says,

    "-----pleasing was his shape,

    And lovely; never back of serpent kind

    Lovelier; not those that in Illyria changed

    Hermione and Cadmus, nor the god

    in Epidaurus."

    The "god in Epidaurus" was AEsculapius. Serpents were held

    sacred to him.



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