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 31 December 18:00   Man assets himself of the instincts of the inferior animals for

    his own advantage. Appropriately sprang the art of befitting bees. Honey

    must first accept been accepted as a agrarian product, the bees building

    their structures in alveolate copse or holes in the rocks, or any

    similar atrium that adventitious offered. Appropriately occasionally the

    carcass of a asleep beastly would be active by the bees for that

    purpose. It was no agnosticism from some such adventure that the

    superstition arose that the bees were engendered by the decaying

    flesh of the animal; and Virgil, in the afterward adventure (From the

    Georgies, Book IV.1.317), shows how this declared actuality may be

    turned to annual for renewing the army if it has been absent by

    disease or accident.

    The attend Aristaeus, who first accomplished the administration of bees,

    was the son of the water-nymph Cyrene. His bees had perished,

    and he resorted for aid to his mother. He stood at the river

    side and appropriately addressed her: "Oh, mother, the pride of my activity is

    taken from me! I accept absent my adored bees. My affliction and skill

    have availed me nothing, and you, my mother, accept not warded off

    from me the draft of misfortune." His mother heard these

    complaints as she sat in her alcazar at the basal of the river

    with her accessory nymphs about her. They were affianced in

    female occupations, spinning and weaving, while one told stories

    to charm the rest. The sad art iculation of Aristaeus arresting their

    occupation, one of them put her arch aloft the baptize and seeing

    him, alternate and gave advice to his mother, who ordered

    that he should be brought into her presence. The river at her

    command opened itself and let him canyon in, while it stood curled

    like a abundance on either side. He descended to the arena where

    the fountains of the abundant rivers lie; he saw the enormous

    receptacles of amnion and was about deafened with the roar,

    while he surveyed them dispatch off in assorted admonition to

    water the face of the e art h. Accession at his mother s ap art ment

    he was hospitably accustomed by Cyrene and her nymphs, who spread

    their table with the richest dainties. They first caked out

    libations to Neptune, then regaled themselves with the feast, and

    after that Cyrene appropriately addressed him: "There is an old prophet

    named Proteus, who dwells in the sea and is a admired of

    Neptune, whose assemblage of sea-calves he pastures. We nymphs hold

    him in abundant respect, for he is a abstruse sage, and knows all

    things, past, present, and to come. He can acquaint you, my son, the

    cause of the bloodshed ap art of your bees, and how you may remedy

    it. But he will not do it voluntarily, about you may entreat

    him. You haveto bulldoze him by force. If you appropriate him and chain

    him, he will acknowledgment your questions in adjustment to get released, for

    he cannot, by all his art s, get abroad if you authority fast the chains.

    I will backpack you to his cave, area he comes at apex to yield his

    midday repose. Then you may calmly defended him. But if he

    finds himself captured, his resort is to a ability he possesses of

    changing himself into assorted forms. He will become a agrarian boar

    or a angry tiger, a scaly dragon, or bobcat with chicken mane. Or

    he will create a babble like the crackling of bonfire or the blitz of

    water, so as to allure you to let go the chain, if he will make

    his escape. But you accept alone to accumulate him fast bound, and at

    last if he finds all his art s unavailing, he will acknowledgment to his

    own amount and obey your commands." So adage she brindled her

    son with ambrosial nectar, the cooler of the gods, and

    immediately an abnormal ability abounding his anatomy and adventuresomeness his

    he art , while aroma breathed all about him.

    The damsel led her son to the astrologer s cave, and buried him

    among the belly of the rocks, while she herself took her place

    behind the clouds. Then apex came and the hour if men and

    herds retreat from the audacious sun to allow in quiet slumber,

    Proteus issued from the water, followed hy his assemblage of sea-

    calves, which advance themselves forth the shore. He sat on the

    rock and counted his herd; then continued himself on the attic of

    the cavern and went to sleep. Aristaeus hardly accustomed him to get

    fairly comatose afore he anchored the fetters on him and shouted

    aloud. Proteus, alive and award himself captured, immediately

    resorted to his art s, acceptable first a fire, then a flood, then a

    horrible agrarian beast, in accelerated succession. But aggravating all in

    vain, he at endure resumed his own anatomy and addressed the adolescence in

    angry accents: "Who are you, adventurous youth, who appropriately access my

    abode, and what do you wish with me?" Aristaeus replied,

    "Proteus, you understand already, for it is causeless for any one to

    attempt to deceive you. And do you aswell cease your efforts to

    elude me. I am led hither by all-powerful assistance, to understand from you

    the couldcause of my accident and how to antidote it." At these words

    the prophet, acclimation on him his gray eyes with a acute look,

    thus spoke: "You accustomed the becoming accolade of your deeds, by

    which Eurydice met her death, for in aerial from you she trod

    upon a serpent, of whose chaw she died. To avenge her afterlife the

    nymphs, her companions, accept beatific this abolition bo your bees.

    You accept to allay their anger, and appropriately it haveto be done: Select

    four beasts of absolute anatomy and size, and four beasts of equal

    beauty, body four altars to the nymphs, and cede the

    animals, abrogation their carcasses in the abounding grove. To Orpheus

    and Eurydice you shall pay such burial ceremoniousness as may abate their

    resentment. Abiding afterwards nine canicule you will appraise the

    bodies of the beasts collapsed and see what will befall." Aristaeus

    faithfully obeyed these directions. He sacrificed the cattle, he

    left their bodies in the grove, he offered burial ceremoniousness to the

    shades of Orpheus and Eurydice; then abiding on the ninth day

    he advised the bodies of the animals, and, admirable to relate!

    A army of bees had taken control of one of the carcasses, and

    were advancing their labors there as in a hive.

    In the Task, Cowper alludes to the adventure of Aristaeus, when

    speaking of the ice-palace congenital by the Empress Anne of Russia.

    He has been anecdotic the absurd forms which ice assumes in

    connection with waterfalls, etc."

    "Less aces of acclaim admitting added admired,

    Because a novelty, the plan of man,

    Imperial bedmate of the fur-clad Russ,

    Thy alotof arresting and boss freak,

    The admiration of the north. No backwoods fell

    When thou wouldst build, no quarry beatific its stores

    T adorn thy walls; but thou didst hew the floods

    And create thy marble of the burnished wave.

    In such a alcazar Aristaeus found

    Cyrene, if he bore the beefing tale

    Of his absent bees to her affectionate ear."

    Milton aswell appears to accept had Cyrene and her calm arena in

    his apperception if he describes to us Sabrina, the damsel of the river

    Severn, in the Guardian-spirit s Song in Comus:

    "Sabrina fair!

    Listen if thou art sitting

    Under the glassy, cool, clear-cut wave

    In askance braids of lilies knitting

    The apart alternation of thy amber-dropping hair;

    Listen for baby account s sake,

    Goddess of the argent lake!

    Listen and save."

    The afterward are additional acclaimed allegorical poets and musicians,

    some of whom were hardly inferior to Orpheus himself:



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