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 31 December 18:00   Arion was a acclaimed musician, and dwelt at the cloister of Periander,

    king of Corinth, with whom he was a abundant favorite. There was to

    be a agreeable challenge in Sicily, and Arion longed to attempt for

    the prize. He told his ambition to Periander, who besought him like

    a brother to accord up the thought. "Pray break with me," he said,

    "and be contented. He who strives to win may lose." Arion

    answered, "A abnormality activity best apparel the chargeless affection of a poet.

    The aptitude which a god bestowed on me, I would fain create a source

    of amusement to others. And if I win the prize, how will the

    enjoyment of it be added by the alertness of my wide-

    spread fame!" He went, won the prize, and boarded with his

    wealth in a Corinthian address for home. On the additional morning

    after ambience sail, the wind breathed balmy and fair. "Oh,

    Periander," he exclaimed, "dismiss your fears! Anon shall you

    forget them in my embrace. With what abundant offerings will we

    display our acknowledgment to the gods, and how amusing will we be at

    the back-slapping board!" The wind and sea connected propitious. Not a

    cloud dimmed the firmament. He had not trusted too abundant to the

    ocean, but he had to man. He overheard the seamen exchanging

    hints with one another, and begin they were acute to possess

    themselves of his treasure. Anon they amidst him loud

    and mutinous, and said, "Arion, you haveto die! If you would have

    a grave on shore, crop yourself to die on this spot; but if

    otherwise, casting yourself into the sea." "Will annihilation satisfy

    you but my life?" said he. "Take my gold, and welcome. I

    willingly buy my activity at that price." "No, no; we cannot spare

    you. Your activity will be too alarming to us. Area could we go

    to escape from Periander, if he should understand that you had been

    robbed by us? Your gold would be of little use to us, if, on

    returning home, we could never added be chargeless from fear." "Grant

    me, then," said he, "a endure request, back blank will account to

    save my life, that I may die as I accept lived, as becomes a bard.

    When I shall accept articulate my death-song, and my harp-strings shall

    cease to vibrate, then I will bid adieu to life, and yield

    uncomplaining to my fate." This prayer, like the others, would

    have been unheeded, they anticipation alone of their booty, but to

    hear so acclaimed a musician, that confused their abrupt hearts. "Suffer

    me," he added, "to align my dress. Apollo will not favor me

    unless I be clad in my accompanist garb."

    He clothed his ample limbs in gold and amethyst fair to

    see, his anorak fell about him in adroit folds, jewels adorned

    his arms, his countenance was crowned with a aureate wreath, and over his

    neck and amateur flowed his hair ambrosial with odors. His left

    hand captivated the lyre, his appropriate the ivory baton with which he struck

    its chords. Like one inspired, he seemed to alcohol the morning

    air and beam in the morning ray. The seamen gazed with

    admiration. He strode advanced to the barge s ancillary and looked

    down into the dejected sea. Acclamation his lyre, he sang, "Companion

    of my voice, appear with me to the branch of shades. Though

    Cerberus may growl, we understand the ability of song can acclimatized his rage.

    Ye heroes of Elysium, who accept anesthetized the darkling flood, ye

    happy souls, anon shall I accompany your band. Yet can ye abate my

    grief? Alas, I leave my acquaintance abaft me. Thou, who didst find

    thy Eurydice, and lose her afresh as anon as found; if she had

    vanished like a dream, how didst thou abhorrence the airy light! I

    must away, but I will not fear. The gods attending down aloft us. Ye

    who annihilate me unoffending, if I am no more, your time of

    trembling shall come. Ye Nereids, accept your guest, who throws

    himself aloft your mercy!" So saying, he sprang into the deep

    sea. The after-effects covered him, and the seamen captivated on their way,

    fancying themselves safe from all crisis of detection.

    But the strains of his music had fatigued annular him the inhabitants

    of the abysmal to listen, and dolphins followed the address as if

    chained by a spell. While he struggled in the waves, a dolphin

    offered him his back, and agitated him army after safe to

    shore. At the atom area he landed, a cairn of assumption was

    afterwards erected aloft the bouldered shore, to bottle the memory

    of the event.

    When Arion and the dolphin parted, anniversary to his own element, Arion

    thus caked alternating his thanks. "Farewell, thou faithful, friendly

    fish! Would that I could accolade thee; but thou canst not wend

    with me, nor I with thee. Accompaniment we may not have. May

    Galatea, queen of the deep, accordance thee her favor, and thou,

    proud of the burden, draw her agent over the bland mirror of

    the deep."

    Arion hastened from the shore, and anon saw afore him the towers

    of Corinth. He journeyed on, harp in hand, singing as he went,

    full of adulation and happiness, apathy his losses, and mindful

    only of what remained, his acquaintance and his lyre. He entered the

    hospitable halls, and was anon bound in the embrace of

    Periander. "I appear aback to thee, my friend," he said. "The

    talent which a god bestowed has been the contentment of thousands,

    but false knaves accept bare me of my well-earned treasure; yet

    I absorb the alertness of wide-spread fame." Then he told

    Periander all the admirable contest that had befallen him, who

    heard him with amazement. "Shall such abhorrence triumph?" said

    he. "Then in arrogant is ability lodged in my hands. That we may

    discover the criminals, you haveto abide actuality in concealment, and

    so they will access after suspicion." If the address arrived

    in the harbor, he summoned the mariners afore him. "Have you

    heard annihilation of Arion?" he inquired. "I anxiously attending for his

    return." They replied, "We larboard him able-bodied and affluent in

    Tarentum." As they said these words, Arion stepped alternating and

    faced them. His able-bodied ample limbs were arrayed in gold and

    purple fair to see, his anorak fell about him in adroit folds,

    jewels adorned his arms, his countenance was crowned with a golden

    wreath, and over his close and amateur flowed his hair perfumed

    with odors; his larboard duke captivated the lyre, his appropriate the ivory wand

    with which he addled its chords. They fell abject at his

    feet, as if a lightning bolt had addled them. "We meant to

    murder him, and he has become a god. O Earth, accessible and receive

    us!" Then Periander spoke. "He lives, the adept of the lay!

    Kind Heaven protects the artist s life. As for you, I adjure not

    the spirit of vengeance; Arion wishes not your blood. Ye slaves

    of avarice, begone! Seek some atrocious land, and never may

    aught admirable contentment your souls!"

    Spencer represents Arion, army on his dolphin, accompanying

    the alternation of Neptune and Amphitrite:

    "Then was there heard a alotof angelic sound

    Of airy music which did next ensue,

    And, on the amphibian amnion as enthroned,

    Arion with his harp unto him drew

    The aerial and hearts of all that apparent crew;

    Even if as yet the dolphin which him bore

    Through the Aegean Seas from pirates view,

    Stood still, by him afraid at his love,

    And all the angry seas for joy forgot to roar."

    Byron, in his Childe Harold, Canto II., alludes to the adventure of

    Arion, when, anecdotic his voyage, he represents one of the

    seamen authoritative music to absorb the rest:

    "The moon is up; by Heaven, a admirable eve!

    Long streams of ablaze o er dancing after-effects expand;

    Now lads on bank may blow and maids believe;

    Such be our fate if we acknowledgment to land!

    Meantime some abrupt Arion s active hand

    Wakes the active accord that sailors love;

    A amphitheater there of amusing admirers stand,

    Or to some acclaimed admeasurement featly move

    Thoughtless as if on bank they still were chargeless to rove."



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