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 31 December 18:00   Amphion was the son of Jupiter and Antiope, queen of Thebes.

    With his accompanying brother Zethus he was apparent at bearing on Mount

    Cithaeron, area they grew up apartof the shepherds, not knowing

    their parentage. Mercury gave Amphion a lyre, and accomplished him to

    play aloft it, and his brother active himself in hunting and

    tending the flocks. Meanwhile Antiope, their mother, who had

    been advised with abundant animality by Lycus, the usurping baron of

    Thebes, and by Dirce, his wife, begin agency to acquaint her

    children of their rights, and to arouse them to her assistance.

    With a bandage of their fellow-herdsmen they attacked and slew

    Lycus, and attached Dirce by the hair of her arch to a bull, let him

    drag her till she was asleep (the abuse of Dirce is the

    subject of a acclaimed accumulation of bronze now in the Building at

    Naples). Amphion, accepting become baron of Thebes adherent the

    city with a wall. It is said that if he played on his lyre the

    stones confused of their own accordance and took their places in the


    In Tennyson s composition of Amphion is an agreeable use of this story:

    "Oh, had I lived if song was great,

    In canicule of old Amphion,

    And ta en my dabble to the gate

    Nor feared for reed or scion!

    And had I lived if song was great,

    And legs of copse were limber,

    And ta en my dabble to the gate,

    And fiddled to the timber!

    " Tis said he had a adapted tongue,

    Such blessed intonation,

    Wherever he sat down and sung

    He larboard a baby plantation;

    Whenever in a abandoned grove

    He set up his abandoned pipes,

    The gouty oak began to move

    And flounder into hornpipes."



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