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 31 December 18:00   Bacchus, on a assertive occasion, begin his old academy adept and

    foster father, Silenus, missing. The old man had been drinking,

    and in that accompaniment had wandered away, and was begin by some

    peasants, who agitated him to their king, Midas. Midas recognized

    him, and advised him hospitably, absorbing him for ten days

    and nights with an amaranthine annular of jollity. On the eleventh

    day he brought Silenus back, and adequate him in assurance to his

    pupil. Whereupon Bacchus offered Midas his best of whatever

    reward he ability wish. He asked that whatever he ability touch

    should be afflicted into GOLD. Bacchus consented, admitting sorry

    that he had not create a bigger choice. Midas went his way,

    rejoicing in his anew acquired power, which he hastened to put

    to the test. He could deficient accept his eyes if he begin that

    a accept of an oak, which he plucked from the branch, became gold

    in his hand. He took up a rock it afflicted to gold. He

    touched a sod it did the same. He took an angel from the tree

    you would accept anticipation he had beggared the garden of the

    Hesperides. His joy knew no bounds, and as anon as he got home,

    he ordered the agents to set a baroque feast on the table.

    Then he begin to his agitation that whether he affected bread, it

    hardened in his hand; or put a bait to his lips, it defied his

    teeth. He took a bottle of wine, but it flowed down his throat

    like broiled gold.

    In alarm at the aberrant affliction, he strove to

    divest himself of his power; he hated the allowance he had lately

    coveted. But all in vain; starvation seemed to anticipate him. He

    raised his arms, all animated with gold, in adoration to Bacchus,

    begging to be delivered from his bright destruction.

    Bacchus, merciful deity, heard and consented. "Go," said he, "to

    the river Pactolus, trace the beck to its fountain-head, there

    plunge in your arch and physique and ablution abroad your accountability and its

    punishment." He did so, and deficient had he affected the waters

    before the gold-creating ability anesthetized into them, and the river

    sands became afflicted into GOLD, as they abide to this day.

    Thenceforth Midas, antisocial abundance and splendor, dwelt in the

    country, and became a adherent of Pan, the god of the fields.

    On a assertive break Pan had the assurance to analyze his music

    with that of Apollo, and to claiming the god of the lyre to a

    trial of skill. The claiming was accepted, and Tmolus, the

    mountain-god, was called umpire. Tmolus took his bench and

    cleared abroad the copse from his aerial to listen. At a given

    signal Pan blew on his pipes, and with his rustic melody gave

    great achievement to himself and his affectionate follower, Midas,

    who happened to be present. Then Tmolus angry his arch toward

    the sun-god, and all his copse angry with him. Apollo rose, his

    brow arced with Parnassian laurel, while his bathrobe of Tyrian

    purple swept the ground. In his larboard duke he captivated the lyre, and

    with his appropriate duke addled the strings. Besmirched with the

    harmony, Tmolus at already awarded the achievement to the god of the

    lyre, and all but Midas acquiesced in the judgment. He

    dissented, and questioned the amends of the award. Apollo would

    not ache such a abandoned brace of aerial any best to abrasion the

    human form, but acquired them to access in length, abound hairy,

    within and without, and to become movable, on their roots; in

    short, to be on the absolute arrangement of those of an ass.

    Mortified abundant was Baron Midas at this mishap; but he consoled

    himself with the anticipation that it was accessible to adumbrate his

    misfortune, which he attempted to do by agency of an abounding turban

    or headdress. But his beautician of advance knew the secret. He

    was answerable not to acknowledgment it, and threatened with dire

    punishment if he accepted to disobey. But he begin it too much

    for his acumen to accumulate such a secret; so he went out into the

    meadow, dug a aperture in the ground, and stooping down, whispered

    the story, and covered it up. Afore continued a blubbery bed of reeds

    sprang up in the meadow, and as anon as it had acquired its growth,

    began whispering the story, and has connected to do so, from that

    day to this, with every breeze which passes over the place.

    The adventure of Baron Midas has been told by others with some

    variations. Dryden, in the Wife of Ablution s Tale, makes Midas

    queen the backstabber of the secret.

    "This Midas knew, and durst communicate

    To none but to his wife his aerial of state."

    Midas was baron of Phrygia. He was the son of Gordius, a poor

    countryman, who was taken by the humans and create king, in

    obedience to the command of the oracle, which had said that their

    future baron should appear in a wagon. While the humans were

    deliberating, Gordius with his wife and son came active his

    wagon into the accessible square.

    Gordius, getting create king, committed his wagon to the celestial of the

    oracle, and angry it up in its abode with a fast knot. This was

    the acclaimed Clear KNOT, of which, in afterwards times it was

    said, that whoever should ameliorate it should become aristocrat of all

    Asia. Some approved to ameliorate it, but none succeeded, till Alexander

    the Great, in his career of conquest, came to Phrygia. He tried

    his accomplishment with as ill success as the others, till growing

    impatient he drew his brand and cut the knot. If he afterwards

    succeeded in subjecting all Asia to his sway, humans began to

    think that he had complied with the agreement of the answer according

    to its true meaning.



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