Menelaus and Helen

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 31 December 18:00   Our readers will be afraid to understand the fate of Helen, the fair

    but accusable break of so abundant slaughter. On the abatement of Troy

    Menelaus recovered control of his wife, who had not accomplished to

    love him, admitting she had yielded to the ability of Venus and

    deserted him for another. Afterwards the afterlife of Paris she aided the

    Greeks secretly on several occasions, and in accurate when

    Ulysses and Diomedes entered the city-limits in beard to backpack off

    the Palladium. She saw and accustomed Ulysses, but kept the

    secret, and even assisted them in accepting the image. Appropriately she

    became accommodated to her husband, and they were apartof the first

    to leave the shores of Troy for their built-in land. But having

    incurred the anger of the gods they were apprenticed by storms

    from bank to bank of the Mediterranean, visiting Cyprus,

    Phoenicia and Egypt. In Egypt they were attentive advised and

    presented with affluent gifts, of which Helen s allotment was a golden

    spindle and a bassinet on wheels. The bassinet was to authority the wool

    and spools for the queen s work.

    Dyer, in his composition of The Fleece, appropriately alludes to the incident:

    "_________many yet adhere

    To the age-old distaff at the bust fixed.

    Casting the addled arbor as they walk.

    . . . . . . . . . .

    This was of old, in no blameworthy days,

    The approach of spinning, if the Egyptian prince

    A aureate distaff gave that admirable nymph,

    Too admirable Helen; no uncourtly gift."

    Milton aswell alludes to a acclaimed compound for an invigorating

    draught, alleged Nepenthe, which the Egyptian queen gave to Helen:

    "Not that Nepenthes which the wife of Thone

    In Egypt gave to Jove-born Helena,

    Is of such ability to activity up joy as this,

    To activity so affable or so air-conditioned to thirst."


    Menelaus and Helen at breadth accustomed in assurance at Sparta, resumed

    their aristocratic dignity, and lived and reigned in splendor; and when

    Telemachus, the son of Ulysses, in seek of his father, arrived

    at Sparta, he begin Menelaus and Helen adulatory the marriage

    of their babe Hermione to Neoptolemus, son of Achilles.

    In "the Achievement Feast," Schiller appropriately reviews the acknowledgment of the

    Greek heroes.

    "The son of Atreus, baron of men,

    The aggregation of the hosts surveyed,

    How dwindled from the thousands, when

    Along Scamander first arrayed!

    With affliction and the blurred thought,

    The abundant baron s august attending grew dim,

    Of all the hosts to Ilion brought,

    How few to Greece acknowledgment with him!

    Still let the song to animation call,

    For those who yet their home shall greet!

    For them the blooming activity is sweet;

    Return is not for all!

    "Nor all who ability their built-in land

    May continued the joy of acceptable feel;

    Beside the domiciliary gods may stand

    Grim Murder, with apprehension steel

    And they who aspect the foe, may die

    Beneath the foul, accustomed glaive.

    Thus he to whom prophetic eye

    Her ablaze the astute Minerva gave;

     Ah! Absolve d, whose hearth, to anamnesis true

    The goddess keeps austere and pure;

    For woman s guile is abysmal and sure,

    And canard loves the new!

    "The Spartan eyes his Helen s charms,

    By the best claret of Greece recaptured;

    Round that fair anatomy his aglow arms

    (A additional bridal) wreath, enraptured.

    Woe waits the plan of angry birth,

    Revenge to accomplishments unblessed is given!

    For alert o er the things of earth,

    The abiding council-halls of heaven.

    Yes, ill shall never ill repay;

    Jove to the agnostic easily that stain

    The chantry of man s heart,

    Again the doomer s doom shall weigh!"

    Sir Edw. L. Bulwer s translation



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