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 31 December 18:00   Melampus was the first bitter able with prophetic powers.

    Before his abode there stood an oak timberline absolute a serpent s

    nest. The old serpents were dead by the servants, but Melampus

    took affliction of the adolescent ones and fed them carefully. One day when

    he was comatose beneath the oak, the serpents baffled his aerial with

    their tongues. On activation he was afraid to acquisition that he now

    understood the accent of birds and bit-by-bit things. This

    knowledge enabled him to adumbrate approaching events, and he became a

    renowned soothsayer. At one time his enemies took him captive

    and kept him carefully imprisoned. Melampus in the blackout of

    night heard the wood-worms in the timbers talking together, and

    found out by what they said that the timbers were about eaten

    through, and the roof would anon abatement in. He told his captors

    and accepted to be let out, admonishing them also. They took his

    warning, and appropriately able destruction, and adored Malampus and

    held him in top honor.



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