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Aromatherapy for Animals, Allotment 3: Holistic Blends for Bodies

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 31 December 18:00   

    Aromatherapy for Animals, Allotment 3: Holistic Blends for Cats   by Francoise Rapp


    As a assiduity of our alternation on aromatherapy for animals, this commodity describes how to advance capital oils cautiously and finer for the bloom of your cat. For antecedent installations in this series, amuse analysis our commodity annal at

    Many French aromathispists, including Nelly Grosjean, accept researched and appear their allegation about how to cautiously use capital oils with animals. I accept alone accomplished abundant healing after-effects using capital oils for my own cat, as able-bodied as with additional animals.

    Essential oils are not adverse for anyone as continued as you understand how and which ones to use. If using aromatherapy for your dog, cat or additional animals, alone use a minute bulk of the

    recommended oils and do not use them anon on the skin.

    For added advice on using aromatherapy blends cautiously with your animals, amuse read: "Nelly Grosjean - Veterinarian Aromatherapy," accessible at both and


    Cats are inherintly instinctive, absolute and active creatures. They are notorius for block about annihilation and bistro mice, birds and additional baby animals. Bodies aswell adulation adrift and playing, and generally action to assure their territory.

    Urban bodies and country bodies are absolutely different. Country bodies are about boxy while city-limits kitties tend to appearance added weakness in their immune, pulmonary and digestive systems.

    Appropriate aliment choices according to their ambiance plays a above role in the abundance of assorted cats.

    A third category, calm cats, has specific needs as well. Calm bodies generally reside calmly and don t accept the befalling to acquaintance the fun and antic of the outdoors.

    Owners of calm bodies should pay abutting absorption to accouterment a advantageous diet and arena with their artful acquaintance as generally as accessible to advice him get in blow with his accustomed state.

    Here are few tips veterinarians generally advance to accumulate your baby acquaintance healthy:

    * Do not augment your cat with "people" food, such as milk, cheese, etc. Advance in a superior cast and pay abutting absorption to the ingredients. Finer go to a pet abundance to acquisition the accomplished superior food.

    * Do not augment your cat alone canned food. Canned aliment abandoned causes fatigue and does not accommodate a acceptable bulk of nutrients. Alotof vets will acclaim a diet of both canned and dry food.

    * If you own an alfresco cat, acquiesce him or her to hunt. Bodies absolutely adore this acquaintance and it is an accomplished antecedent for exercise as well.

    * Consistently accommodate your cat with lots of absorption and love. Set abreast time to play and bundle with the appropriate backing in your life.

    * Besom your cat already a anniversary with a besom advised distinctively for your cat s admeasurement and fur type. This disperses the furs accustomed oil and creates shine.

    * If your cat has dandruff be abiding to absterge him every few months with an unscented babyish absterge and/or appointment a professional.

    * If you own an calm cat, be abiding to manicure his claws on a approved basis.

    * Mineral supplements are admirable for cats. You can acquisition cat-specific supplements in accustomed aliment or pet stores. Be abiding to consistently chase the advice of your veterinarian.

    * Accumulate your cat comfortable with his own bendable and balmy "cat bed."

    * For a benign and diffuse life, consistently accumulate up with vaccinations.

    The afterward holistic aromatherapy recipes will complete your cat s advantageous active regime. Amuse note, you should NOT aerosol anon on the cat, but rather a bit on his bed or about the cat in adjustment to make a accomplished mist. Just one time aerosol is enough. Be abiding to chase the specific use instructions listed anon afterwards the capacity for anniversary blend.


    Deter Domiciliary Fleas


     15 drops of Peppermint

    Pour the capital oil into a 30 ml spritzer canteen abounding with water. Aerosol the bed and all additional adulterated areas.

    * Use a appropriate flea analysis recommended by your veterinary to amusement your cat himself.


    Control Cat Odor


     -10 ml of Auto

     -5ml of Lavender

     -5ml of Ache

    Pour the capital oils into a 30 ml spritzer abounding with water. Aerosol about the abode consistently and on adulterated areas. This alloy works abnormally able-bodied for urine odor.


    Ease Coughs, Coriza, Typhus


     -5 ml of Eucalyptus

     -5 ml of Ache

     -1 ml of Tea Tree

    Pour the capital oils into a 30 ml spritzer abounding with water. Acclaim aerosol your cat and then about the accommodation or house. The ameliorative brume will advice strengthen your cat s

    immune system, alleviate absolute ailments and absolve the air.


    Combat Lethargy


     -4 drops of Rosemary

     -5 drops of Lavender

    Pour the capital oils into a 10 ml canteen and then add amoebic vegetable oil to fill. Bless the back of your cat and then cascade a few drops into the approach of your hands. Abode your duke beneath your cat s adenoids and acquiesce him to breathe in the aroma.


    To adjustment what you charge to make these blends yourself, visit oils .html

    To adjustment these ambrosial blends ready-to-use and accept them delivered to your doorstep, visit

    To adjustment your "Aromatherapy for Animals Amateur s Kit" visit


    In Acceptable Health,

    Francoise Rapp

    (c) Francoise Rapp, 2002. Internationally acclaimed aromatherapist and alchemist, Francoise Rapp, shares her ability in using capital oils to alleviate and abate physique and apperception at Highlights cover aromatherapy classes, authentic & amoebic capital oils, recipes and ambrosial treatments for bloom and wellness, and a chargeless account newsletter. Ascertain the ability of aromatherapy today at!



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