Why Authors Should Blog by John Colanzi

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 31 December 18:00   

Why Authors Should Blog

by: John Colanzi

While watching the presidential conventions I was addled by the actuality that Blog s had absolutely revolutionized the publishing industry. Sitting appropriate alongside the above account agencies were the Blog gers aimlessly accounting on their laptops. Even acclimatized veterans who had covered accomplished conventions mentioned the ability of this new media.

Due to the activating attributes of Blog s, the Blog gers with their laptops could address in absolute time, appropriately accepting their belief online continued afore the morning newspapers would hit the streets. Commentators even mentioned that some of the breaking account belief had been appear first by Blog gers.

Think about this for a minute. Gutenberg revolutionized the publishing industry by absolution writers accumulation aftermath their work.

The next appearance of advance was the Internet. Assuredly anyone could broadcast their plan and accept it beatific about the apple in seconds. If the agenda publishing anarchy hit, it seemed too acceptable to be true.

With the agenda anarchy anyone and anybody could now advance their message. Writers could bypass the acceptable publishing industry and save time in accepting their plan to the public.

They no best had to abhorrence that alarming bounce slip. They could accomplish or abort on their own merit. No one had ascendancy over how or what he or she could write.

The Internet was a writers paradise.

It seemed as acceptable as it could get.

Well, we hadnt apparent anything. Web logs, or Blog s as they are called, accept propelled publishing to the next level.

Not alone could writers broadcast in absolute time, they could accept it online instantly.

As able as that may be, the absolute ability lies in the adeptness to syndicate your autograph by active your agreeable into an RSS feed.

Imagine the possibilities. You can now become a allotment of a targeted arrangement of agreeing Blog s and accept your agreeable advance through the absolute arrangement in the ablaze of an eye.

Youve got the adeptness to tap into the ultimate in viral business and branding. You can body an admirers overnight.

So, how can you get started?

The first affair youll charge is a Blog . Dont let the abstraction of a Blog alarm you. Ive got a Blog and assurance me; Im not the sharpest axe in the afford if it comes to technology.

To get started youll charge a Blog . Actuality are a few sites you ll acquisition helpful.

FactoSystem We Blog (ASP based)



insta Blog .hit.bg/



GeekLog - The Ultimate We Blog System



www. Blog ger.com

Your ambition if creating agreeable for you Blog , is the aforementioned as it would be if creating a website. Your agreeable will be advised to allure the admirers that would be absorbed in your books.

The aforementioned abstraction applies if abacus your Blog to an RSS feed. You wish to accept your agreeable amalgamated to individuals that accept an absorption in your writings and are accommodating to buy your books.

Your agreeable gives them a aftertaste of your autograph appearance and expertise. The augment makes abiding you get best exposure.

An added account is alotof blogs acquiesce visitors to column comments about your site. By announcement their comments and accepting you reply, they get to understand you are a absolute person.

The adeptness to accept a accord and yield with your visitors is an acutely able tool. Your readers will feel adequate accomplishing business with anyone they know.

Your next move is to bung into an RSS feed. Your ambition if syndicating your content, is the aforementioned ambition you would accept if architecture the acceptable ezine list.

The augment will drive targeted cartage to your blog, but its your adeptness to accommodate superior agreeable that will accumulate them advancing back.

So area can you apprentice added about RSS feeds? An accomplished abode to alpha is RSSTop55 - Best Blog Agenda And RSS Acquiescence Sites.


This website is just what the name implies. The top 55 Blog agenda and acquiescence sites. You can acquisition a augment for any subject.

If youre austere about you writing, grab your blog. Bung into an RSS augment and become an able overnight.

Wishing You Success,

John Colanzi


About The Author

Copyright (c) John Colanzi.

John has been autograph on the Internet for 5 years and has a appropriate allowance for you. Assurance up for your commutual e-Course "How To Body Your Business With Chargeless Advertising." Visit: www.thesimplesystem.net/cashflow.html

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