Wheres Your Focus, Money or Customer? by Andrew Henry

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Where s Your Focus, Money or Customer?

by: Andrew Henry

Is your website Absolutely useful?

I had a rep in bygone who was cogent me he had a website, not realising I m a man of some talents he was cogent me about all the new companies he was alive with and the abundant articles he could action and reminded me to go to his website.

When he d finished, I asked him:-

"what is the purpose of your website?" a catechism which he couldn t answer.

"does your website acquaint me what you wish me to do if I go there?" - err no was the answer.

"Can I assurance up about to apprehend about what your latest products/services are?" No.

"Can I buy something anon from the website?" No

"Is there a account of your articles and services, or reviews of any of them or of the companies you resell for?" No

"Are there any onlinewriting about what s accident in that industry and the issues I should be anxious about?" No

"So what s the purpose of your site?" Don t understand really.

"What do the humans that commonly go there do?" Can I get that information?

As you can see, his website was a complete decay of time.

He s active his own business and acknowledging his ancestors (and active a nice Mercedes) and his online business is finer ZERO.

How some humans are there online who could advice this guy - Thousands? Easily.

So why are so some humans failing?

My Acknowledgment = Because they put the money afore the business.

For alotof Internet newbies searching to alpha authoritative money - that s as far as they ascertain their model. There are bags of humans about who can acquaint you how to create a website, area to host it, area to get content, how to make a product, how to alpha a newsletter, how to buy and advertise on Ebay, how to bureaucracy an associate program, how to align JVs and how to get cartage (and all the additional aspects of an online business) - but even with this ability they re declining to accomplish their goals.

They charge to yield action, that goes after adage and there are lots of humans not acceptable acknowledged absolutely because they re not demography any activity to move them appear their goal, but I anticipate the axiological affair even afore that activity is the accompaniment of apperception that they re in.

I m abiding that any 1/2 appropriate banker can acquaint you that you re not traveling to create money by affairs , analogous articles with peoples needs is hardly altered to affairs , and that aberration is amenable for added declining efforts than you can imagine.

My rep bygone could see so abundant advance in his business just by cerebration of the needs of his barter (and abeyant customers) and there are lots of baby accomplishments he could yield to advance things. Why hasn t he? because he s cerebration consistently about affairs , he s forgottent that accepting a website is one affair but authoritative money from it by alms humans something that addresses a charge they accept is a altered thing.

Since he was affectionate abundant to buy me cafeteria and a beer I ran over a few things he ability like to accede apropos both his online and offline business. He was like a adolescent that had just been accustomed the keys to a candied shop, he could see the abeyant and he knew it all create faculty - and that he could infact create these changes after too abundant effort.

So why am I adage all this? (No, it s not to advance my latest artefact or advertise you something)

These incidents serve as a connected admonition to me of how some humans don t realise that abiding changes can be create in an burning (If you ve anytime been burnt by fire, you ll understand how bound your apperception can set up abiding links).

Where we are today is based on the choices we ve made, our approaching can be about we wish it. The alone affair that needs to appear is for us to adjudge what we want. This seems so simple, and for anyone who has appear to realise the accuracy in that abbreviate account knows that the change can be abrupt and permanent.

Unfortunately so some humans are walking about in a abstraction activity like a victim of the apple about them that not alone do they not yield a attending about them and see the possibilities, but they body a alembic about their apple and ascertain its limits.

Money is a agency to an end, it s a currency. If you accede your time and beatitude as accepting a college amount then it becomes abundant easier to set goals which chargeless up your time and acquiesce you to become happier.

If the capital affair in your afterimage is money then you can become bent in a apple that revolves about money and restricts your appearance of the important things in life.

I acclimated to admiration why humans didn t get it but now I understand that afore you can get it , you charge to be in the appropriate accompaniment of apperception accessible to possibilities.

A guy alleged Maslo already authentic what he termed a bureaucracy or animal needs which accept been the base for some management, administration and additional training courses. His archetypal categorical the assorted levels of peoples needs (like the claim for aliment and apartment etc.), if you focus your efforts on affair peoples needs you can acquisition that affairs becomes abundant easier and you feel abundant bigger about accomplishing it (which has repercussions of its own).

About The Author

Andrew Henry

Internet Business Consultant

Money&Motivation Publishing.


This commodity was acquaint on July 12, 2004


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