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New Years Resolutions

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 31 December 18:00    New Year s Resolutions

     Ah, the alpha of addition year! In a befuddled brume on New Years Eve, I promised anyone (or was it myself?) that I would be acceptable this year. I said I would draw up my New Years Resolutions decidedly afterwards the roller-coaster year I had endure year. Well, a affiance is a promise. I deceit actual able-bodied alpha the New Year by breaking the resolution that I was traveling to address my New Years Resolutions, can I? So, actuality it is, torn down into months getting the ascendancy aberration that I am.

    JAN Accord old PC to a Admirable Relative

    After all, to accord is added advantageous than to accept (but not absolutely as advantageous as to buy). So I assumption its au revoir to my X86 sitting in the bend of my study. Now, who should I accord it to? Who will acknowledge my actual first, actual own PC ? My 91 year-old Gran so she can apprentice to type? Or my 5 year-old niece so she, too, can abatement in adulation with Frogger and Pacman I grew up with instead of arena with her PlayStation 2?

    FEB Alpha RDO (Rostered Day Out)

    Negotiate with The Bang-up to plan (offline, of course) in the esplanade one day a month. I wish to feel the breeze in my hair, the blooming grass base and the casual bird debris on my head. I wish to feel chargeless as I adapt my circadian cachet report. I wish to pretend Im absolved even if the amount I accept to pay is grass stains on my suit. Just for once, I wish to reside like the advantageous b!@#$%^s on those TV ads.

    MARCH Analysis Drive a Hot Spot

    I can be savvy. I can be cool. Just because I dont accept the latest 3G video bluetooth- enabled accumulated PDA/Phone (yet) doesnt create me a techno geek. I am techno sleek! In the ages of March, I shall borrow The Bosss Centrino laptop and analysis drive a Hot Spot. I shall sit at the café bench from work, sip coffee, aces at my friand and cream the net to analysis my allotment portfolio achievement (yeah, as if). This will be the ultimate attestation that I accept lived no, that I am absolutely active - because I can plan after getting apprenticed to ability cables. I can say to the blow of the world, I accept a WiFi lifestyle.

    APRIL About-face Multimedia PC into Karaoke Machine

    In April, I shall create absolute use of my all-in-one multimedia PC . I wont be agreeable just using it to band shows from TV, watch DVD with 7.1 approach achievement and play all my shoot em up games. I will go one move further. I will transform it into a karaoke machinein time for Australian Idol II. It acclimated to activity be in it. Now, its singing be in it. I even accept proof. The Google 2003 Anniversary Zeitgeist showed that Australian Idol was the alotof accepted internet concern in Australia ( See, Ive appropriate there with the in-crowd. I contributed to the absurd stats. Go, Cosima! You go, girl!

    MAY Apple-pie Up Cyberbanking Files From Network/CD/Floppies

    Yes, like Autumn pruning, this housekeeping assignment is arid but necessary. Also, I deceit allow to delay until Bounce to arise the cyberbanking book Bounce Clean. At the amount Im archiving, amateur abetment up and ghosting my files, Ill accrue addition filing chiffonier abounding of CDs amid Autumn and Springon top of the three chiffonier fulls I already have. Maybe Ill get a 200 GB alien harder deejay

    JUNE Stop End of Banking Year Madness

    Oh, how Id adulation to abhorrence Junebut all those end-of-financial year bargains! Buy something now for a final adventitious to affirmation tax deductions this year! I can already see the advertisement headlines. This June, I will not accede to allurement and buy/upgrade a adaptable phone, PDA, laptop or agenda camcorder. Haveto acquaint self: adverse to self-imposed belief, I will not spontaneously bake from a balmy dosage of STAS (Sensible Technology Acceptance Syndrome). I will sponsor a Apple Eyes adolescent instead. At $35 a ages or $420 a year, its cheaper than a New PDA, laptop or camcorder. And tax-deductible too!

    JULY Aggrandize My HorizonsOutdoors

    Theres no cause to ataxia myself in the abode just because its cold. I haveto stop arena those video games. Afterwards all, its hardly advantageous to pretend I am any of the following: James Bond, Lara Croft, Chic Hawke or Annoy Potter. Go outdoors and adore the fresh, arctic air. I will ride a bike, bushwalk or hike. I will try bungy jumping, sky-diving, parasailing, absailingYeah, right! Who am I kidding?

    AUG Yield Time Out toOrganise Photo Anthology

    Something tells me the acute sports claiming from July will not take. So this month, in my winter of house-bound discontent, I shall yield to organising my photo album. I still accept photos from my 1998 cruise to Europe in three altered shoeboxes (unsorted). I accept thats hardly hasty back I still accept the 1999 Paris (my favourite) agenda blind in the kitchen. So this month, I shall organise and browse all my photos from the endure centuryand yield down the Paris agenda (sob, sob).

    SEPT Install PC SecurityProperly

    Install the latest virus-protection, firewall, billow protection, advancement software and agilely analysis for updates. I understand Ive been advantageous so fargoodness knows Ive committed too some install and avoid sins. Bigger not advance my luck. Afterwards all, I wouldnt wish my 23 episodes of 24 to be wiped out in one abhorrent dive afore Ive had the time to allow in my ceaseless Kiefer-Sutherland-thon!

    OCT Subscribe to Something Useful

    I will stop compulsively subscribing to sites alms the latest bargains. As we arch into the endure quarter, I charge added motivational sites that accord me tips, advice and quotes on how to feel better, plan bigger and be better. I charge afflatus delivered beeline to my inbox (since technology still deceit bear it anon to my head). Adorning letters like this Walt Disney quote: If you can dream it, you can do it. Hmm, fast-track promotion, actuality I come!

    NOV Get Rid of Techno Aficionado Addiction

    As the year starts to draw to a close, I haveto barrier my addiction to all the techno gadgetry. Endure year, I bootless miserably and concluded up with three adaptable MP3 players: a accepted 128MB MP3 player, an bigger archetypal with articulation recording (a affection Ive not yet had the befalling to use) and a 1.5GB adaptable juke box (just because I charge something to authority added songs to yield on a planned 10 hour cruise up the coastwhich I still havent booked). This year, I haveto do better. I heard theres no bigger way to cure an addiction than demography up ahobby. Now, is there annihilation non-tech I wish from eBAY?

    DEC End of Year Appraisement

    As with any acceptable New Years resolution, we haveto clue our advance and analyze actuals to our plans. Ages by month, I wish to understand whether Ive kept to my word. For example, by 31 Dec 2004, I dont wish to see that X86 still sitting in the bend of my study. Wait, I assume to anamnesis adage something about accepting rid of that X86 endure year, or was it the year afore that, or was it 1994? Whatever. Theres consistently 2005.

    I achievement youve had a adventitious to draw up your New Years resolutions. All antic aside, a astute woman already told me: A ambition is a dream with a deadline! So, what are you cat-and-mouse for? Get out your PDA, blaze up Word, bung in the camcorder and set those goals. Alotof of all, adore the 2004 roller-coaster ride!

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    gt##Nancy Huang works as a business analyst and activity manager.  She is agog to body her autograph contour and welcomes any requests for her address on appeal service.



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