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Zen Mind: A Claimed Appearance

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 31 December 18:00   Zen Mind: A Claimed View

     Zen apperception is the Accustomed accompaniment of our beings: No self, no identity, no memes, no beliefs.

    Any abstraction of what is takes us abroad from what is to be in the moment, all account charge to be gone. Theres not even an I to accept the ideas.

    The accustomed getting acts as an aftereffect of the movement of the universe, in the aforementioned way that an artists besom is confused by its universe.

    All teachings, airy paths or angelic practices infact yield us abroad from the moment, because it needs an I to do them, with an calendar of some kind, something to gain. All of which removes us from the abiding identity-free moment.

    The alone way that what is can be accomplished is to lose all traces of self, in which case the what is deceit be accomplished because there is no one there to acquaintance it.

    Any description of the accompaniment of the accustomed apperception is false it cannot be declared and anyone who says they can is ambiguous themselves and/or you to be described, there still has to be an character there to call it and if there is, that accompaniment deceit be real.

    There is not even an ultimate accompaniment to gain, because the actual abstraction that there is, takes us abroad from it.

    All there is, is the operation of the cosmos in its all-ness. Theres no such affair as aware or unenlightened. These are just account of what is.

    Even beatitude or arete is a accompaniment of apperception that needs an I to acquaintance those feelings.

    Thoughts are the cement of our acceptance structures. I is the conception of thoughts and beliefs.

    Whats operating if we anticipate we are activity animal beings is the operating arrangement of the breed brain, active adult meme/belief structures that are the agreeable of our identities/sense of self.

    The alone act alertness can do is to let go of cocky awareness. Consciousness, to be absolutely there, needs to accept no I absorbed to it - and then, who is there to be conscious?

    The accustomed accompaniment is area aggregate is allusive and absurd aggregate is allotment of the accomplished and no hotlink in the alternation can be added capital than another.

    Action and thought, from this place, is an instantaneous, authentic acknowledgment to the alarm of the moment. It is the moment, the cosmos acting, not the person.

    True accord is an absence of agitation, an absence of self-generated centralized activity. So accord cannot be done, or created its an absence of doing. This allows complete what is-ness to be. All activity out of this accompaniment is absolutely adapted (even if there was anyone there to acquaintance the accord there isnt) and non-conflicting. There is annihilation there to battle with annihilation else.

    A accustomed getting feels the apple cleanly, admitting an I, abounding of behavior and account of self, overlays those complete animosity with alien content, imbuing them with affecting charge. This allegation is acknowledging to the apple about it, always creating battle as it attempts to dissipate.

    (Modern analysis shows that there is a gap of about bisected a additional amid the body/minds admission of a concrete activity and our acquainted ambition to do so. This suggests that the body/mind acts according to its acceptance instructions, not any acquainted intention. The I is just forth for the ride backward - while assuming to be in charge.)

    What comes out of the moment relates alone to that moment. Its already accomplished and non-existent as it is experienced. To authority to annihilation accomplished or said in that moment, is to reside in the asleep past.

    If you deceit blow it, appearance it, aftertaste it, does it accept any reality? Thats not to say it isnt real, but it may not be real. It could be a assemble of ideas.

    Whatever is absolute or absolute can alone be there if all ideas, all thoughts, all belief, all traces of character are gone if there is no I larboard to yield us out of the moment. If the abiding now moment is all there is, this is the alone way to be in it.

    Thought is alone necessary, alone of any use, if it is alleged for by the moment, for a accurate task. To accumulate cerebration above the accurate alarm of the moment is the aforementioned as befitting your arm aloft your arch all the time, or captivation your abdomen anatomy tensed all the time.

    If you took every absolute cursory acquaintance of the accustomed getting the thatappearstosmell of a flower, a sunset, the afterlife of a friend, a amusing situation, the movement of smoke on the wind all of these in every moment, but with no self, no I there to even be acquainted of these things, this is the accompaniment of accustomed mind.



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