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This affiliate explains:



  • What Is Localization / Internationalization?



  • Managing Characters in Web Based Applications



  • Character Traveling Paths



  • ASCII Characters in PHP Pages





What Is Localization / Internationalization?



Localization (software localization), sometimes beneath to "l10n", is a action


that tailors software user interface for the user based on his/her specific geographical,


and cultural preferences.



Internationalization (software Internationalization), sometimes beneath to "i18n", is a action of


enabling software for localization.



Users specific bounded and cultural preferences can be absent into a abstraction of locale.


A area usually determines the afterward aspects of the user interface:



  • Using the specific accent for arrangement achievement and user input.



  • Using the specific time area and date/time format.



  • Using the specific bill and calculation system.




We understand that the capital assignment of localization is to acquaint with user in the bounded language.


This agency that software haveto present advice as characters of the bounded language, and take


information as characters of the bounded language.


In this allotment of the book, we will apply on presenting and demography advice as characters


of the bounded language.




Managing Characters in Web Based Applications


Managing characters of a specific accent in a Web based appliance is not a simple task,


because there are a amount of software apparatus complex in a archetypal Web based application.


We accept to accept how anniversary of them manages characters and how we alteration characters


from one basic to addition component.


First, let me try to abstruse the complex software programs into the afterward list:



  • Web browser: End user interface program amenable for presenting and demography characters to and from users.



  • Web server: Advice program amenable for forwarding characters amid Web browser and


    application program.



  • Application program: Program developed by you for processing characters accustomed from the Web server


    and/or retrieved from the database server.



  • Database server: Accumulator program amenable for autumn characters.



  • Development environment: Software program amenable for embedding characters into the antecedent cipher of


    the appliance program.




Before we get into data of how characters are handled in those programs, we charge to accept how


characters of a specific accent are represented in computers. Actuality is my understanding:



  • Characters of English accent can be represented by ASCII encoding schema. ASCII encoding action


    represents one English appearance into one byte.



  • Characters of a non English accent can be represented either in Unicode encoding action or in a specific


    encoding arrangement advised for that language. For example, characters of simplified Chinese can be represented


    either in Unicode or in GB2312. Characters of Japanese can be represented either in Unicode or in Shift-JIS.



  • Unicode encoding action has several encoding variations: Unicode centralized code, UTF-8, UTF16, etc.




To apprehend added about appearance encoding and Unicode, see my additional book: " s tutorial addendum on Unicode".


(Continued on next part...)





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