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(Continued from antecedent part...)



In this section, let s attending at some of the basal rules about ambience and getting


JavaBean properties:



  • The setProperty aspect haveto be accurate by at atomic one set adjustment in the


    JavaBean class.



  • The set adjustment name haveto be the acreage name with the first lower case letter


    being translated to high case, and prefixed with "set". For example, "setAuthor"


    is a acceptable adjustment name to abutment the setProperty activity aspect for acreage


    name "author".



  • The acknowledgment blazon of the set adjustment should be void.



  • The set adjustment should yield alone one ascribe parameter.



  • If there are assorted set methods, there haveto be one that takes Cord as the


    input constant type, and this will be the one to be acclimated by the setProperty action





  • If there is alone one set method, the ascribe constant blazon should be a primitive





  • The get adjustment name haveto be the acreage name with the first lower case letter


    being translated to high case, and prefixed with "get". For example, "getAuthor"


    is a acceptable adjustment name to abutment the getProperty activity aspect for property


    name "author".



  • The get adjustment should yield no ascribe parameter.



  • The acknowledgment blazon of the get adjustment can be Cord or any archaic type.



  • JavaBean proproty names haveto be started with a lower case letter.





To validate the aloft rules, I wrote the afterward sample JavaBean class:






* DemoBean.java


* Absorb (c) 2003 by Dr. Yang. All rights reserved.




package ;


public chic DemoBean {


clandestine Cord columnist = "";


clandestine int calculation = 0;


clandestine boolean cachet = true;


clandestine Cord absolute = "1";


clandestine Cord admeasurement = "2";


accessible abandoned setAuthor(String a) {


columnist = a;




accessible Cord getAuthor() {


acknowledgment author;




accessible abandoned setCount(int c) {


calculation = c;




accessible int getCount() {


acknowledgment count;




accessible abandoned setStatus(boolean s) {


cachet = s;




accessible boolean getStatus() {


acknowledgment status;




accessible abandoned setTotal(int t) {


absolute = "int: "+t;




accessible abandoned setTotal(double t) {


absolute = "double: "+t;




accessible Cord getTotal() {


acknowledgment total;




accessible abandoned setSize(int s) {


admeasurement = "int: "+s;




accessible abandoned setSize(String s) {


admeasurement = "String: "+s;




accessible Cord getSize() {


acknowledgment size;




accessible abandoned setX(String x) {


columnist = x;




accessible Cord getY() {


acknowledgment author;








Compile this antecedent cipher with JDK 1.4.1, and archetype the chic book to the Bobcat chic path.


Remember to abundance the chic book beneath a sub agenda called as "".




>localj2sdk1.4.1injava DemoBean.java


>copy DemoBean.class





Now we are accessible to analysis this JavaBean with an JSP page, DemoBean.jsp:




<?xml version="1.0"?>


<jsp:root xmlns:jsp="http://java.sun.com/JSP/Page" version="1.2">


<!-- DemoBean.jsp


Absorb (c) 2003 by Dr. Yang






<jsp:useBean id="b">


<jsp:setProperty name="b" property="author" value="Nobody"/>


Line 1: columnist =


<jsp:getProperty name="b" property="author"/><br/>


<!-- <jsp:getProperty name="b" property="Author"/><br/> -->


<!-- <jsp:getProperty name="b" property="AUTHOR"/><br/> -->


<jsp:setProperty name="b" property="status" value="false"/>


Line 2: cachet =


<jsp:getProperty name="b" property="status"/><br/>


<jsp:setProperty name="b" property="count" value="5"/>


Line 3: calculation =


<jsp:getProperty name="b" property="count"/><br/>


<!-- <jsp:setProperty name="b" property="total" value="9"/> -->


Line 4: absolute =


<jsp:getProperty name="b" property="total"/><br/>


<jsp:setProperty name="b" property="size" value="14"/>


Line 5: admeasurement =


<jsp:getProperty name="b" property="size"/><br/>


<jsp:setProperty name="b" property="x" value=""/>


Line 6: admeasurement =


<jsp:getProperty name="b" property="y"/><br/>








Make abiding to run your Bobcat beneath JDK 1.4.1. Then accessible this JSP page with IE, you will get:




Line 1: columnist = Nobody


Line 2: cachet = false


Line 3: calculation = 5


Line 4: absolute = 1


Line 5: admeasurement = String: 14


Line 6: y =



(Continued on next part...)




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