JSP and JSTL Tutorials - Tutorial Addendum - Bobcat 4.1.18 with JDK 1.4.1

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(Continued from antecedent part...)



You will get the afterward accumulation absurdity adage CacheBean is not resolvable:




org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Clumsy to abridge chic for JSP


An absurdity occurred at line: 7 in the jsp file: /jsp/UseBeanModified.jsp


Generated servlet error:


[javac] Accumulation 1 antecedent file




\_jspUseBeanModified_jsp.java:43: cannot boldness symbol


symbol : chic CacheBean


location: chic org.apache.jsp.UseBeanModified_jsp


CacheBean b = null;






The absolute couldcause of this absurdity is not the compiler. It is the Bobcat accumulation environment.


Because you can abridge the adapted class, UseBeanModified_jsp.java, accurately in a command window


with the aforementioned chic paths acclimated by the Bobcat environment.



The alone advantage larboard to use a JavaBean with Bobcat 4.1.18 and JDK 1.4.1 is to make your


JavaBean in a called package. The next area will accord you an example.



JavaBean in a Called Amalgamation - TempratureConvertorBean.java



Creating JavaBean classes in called bales is actual simple, just add a amalgamation


declaration account at the alpha of the class. The afterward archetype shows


you a JavaBean classe authentic in a amalgamation called as "":






* TempratureConvertorBean.java


* Absorb (c) 2003 by Dr. Yang. All rights reserved.




package ;


public chic TempratureConvertorBean {


clandestine bifold celsius = 0.0;


clandestine bifold fahrenheit = 32.0;


accessible bifold getCelsius() {


acknowledgment celsius;




accessible abandoned setCelsius(double c) {


celsius = c;


fahrenheit = 1.8*c + 32.0;




accessible bifold getFahrenheit() {


acknowledgment fahrenheit;




accessible abandoned setFahrenheit(double f) {


fahrenheit = f;


celsius = (f-32.0)/1.8;




accessible Cord getInfo() {


acknowledgment new String("My TempraturConvertorBean - Adaptation 1.00");








Compile this antecedent code, and archetype the chic book to the Bobcat chic path.


Remember to abundance the chic book beneath a sub agenda called as "".




>localj2sdk1.4.1injava TempratureConvertorBean.java


>copy TempratureConvertorBean.class





Now we are accessible to analysis this JavaBean with an jsp page, TempratureConvertor.jsp:




<?xml version="1.0"?>


<jsp:root xmlns:jsp="http://java.sun.com/JSP/Page" version="1.2">


<!-- TempratureConvertor.jsp


Absorb (c) 2003 by Dr. Yang




<jsp:directive.page contentType="text/html"/>




<jsp:useBean id="b">




Setting acreage "fahrenheit" to 70.0.<br/>


<jsp:setProperty name="b" property="fahrenheit" value="70.0"/>


Getting acreage "celsius" back:


<jsp:getProperty name="b" property="celsius"/>










Open this JSP page with IE, you will get:




My TempraturConvertorBean - Adaptation 1.00


Setting acreage "fahrenheit" to 70.0.


Getting acreage "celsius" back: 21.11111111111111




It works! Agenda that there is no charge to use the acceptation statement, if you use the


fully able chic name in the jsp:useBean activity element.






  • Using JavaBean classes in bearding bales with Bobcat 4.1.18 and JDK 1.3.1


    requires acceptation charge elements in the JSP pages.



  • There is no way to use JavaBean classes in bearding bales with Bobcat 4.1.18


    and JDK 1.4.1.



  • There is no problem using JavaBean classes in called bales with Bobcat 4.1.18


    and JDK 1.4.1.







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