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javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.* Package



javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.* is a Java amalgamation authentic in J2EE


(I saw it in J2EE 1.3.1). This amalgamation contains:



  • Tag interface - The abject interface appropriate by a tag chic to collaborate


    with the JSP tag addendum facility.



  • IterationTag interface - Continued from Tag interface to abutment looping


    logic aural custom tags.



  • BodyTag interface - Continued from IterationTag interface to acquiesce


    custom tags to appraise their own body.



  • TagSupport class - Copy accomplishing of IterationTag interface .



  • BodyTagSupport class - Copy accomplishing of BodyTag interface .






BodyTag Interface



Since BodyTag interface requires added ability of JSP in adjustment to evaluate


the tag physique properly, we will altercate it later. For now, let s apply


on InterationTag interface only. Actuality is the account of methods appropriate by


InterationTag interface and their calling conditions:



  • setPageContext(PageContext pc) - A advice method, alleged afore calling doStartTag()


    to canyon the PageContext item to the tag object.



  • setParent(Tag t) - A advice method, alleged afore calling doStartTag()


    to canyon the ancestor tag item to the accepted tag object, in case the accepted tag


    is nested aural addition tag.



  • getParent() - A advice method, alleged by adolescent tag classes to admission


    grand ancestor tags.



  • doStartTag() - An interfacing point, alleged at the alpha of the action of the tag.



  • doAfterBody() - An interfacing point, alleged afterwards processing the body.



  • doEndTag() - An interfacing point, alleged if accessible to leave the action of the tag.



  • release() - An interfacing point, alleged afore catastrophe the action of the tag.





The accomplish acclimated by the JSP tag addendum ability to action a custom tag can be summarized


as follows:



  • Instanciating the tag object.



  • Calling setPageContext() and setParent() of the tag object.



  • Processing attributes of the tag. See my additional addendum on how aspect ethics are


    passed to the tag object.



  • Calling doStartTag() of the tag object, which may acknowledgment a banderole to appeal for skipping


    the physique to accomplish a codicillary physique logic.



  • Processing the physique of the tag.



  • Calling doAfterBody() of the tag object, which may acknowledgment a banderole to appeal for processing


    the physique afresh to accomplish a bend argumentation on the body.



  • Calling doEndTag() of the tag object.



  • Calling release() of the tag object.




(Continued on next part...)




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