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(Continued from antecedent part...)



The JSP file:




<?xml version="1.0"?>


<jsp:root xmlns:jsp="http://java.sun.com/JSP/Page"




xmlns:hy="urn:jsptld:/WEB-INF/tlds/HyTaglib.tld" version="1.2">


<!-- AttValueTagTest.jsp


Absorb (c) 2003 by Dr. Yang




<jsp:directive.page contentType="text/html"/>




<hy:attValue longObject="1" longValue="2"


doubleObject="1.1" doubleValue="2.2"


booleanObject="true" booleanValue="false"


stringObject="Hello world!"/>








The output:




longValue = 2


longObject = 1


doubleValue = 2.2


doubleObject = 1.1


booleanValue = false


booleanObject = true


stringObject = Accost world




The Servlet chic produced by Bobcat server:






clandestine boolean _jspx_meth_hy_attValue_0(


javax.servlet.jsp.PageContext pageContext)


throws Throwable {


JspWriter out = pageContext.getOut();


/* ---- hy:attValue ---- */


.AttValueTag _jspx_th_hy_attValue_0 = (.AttValueTag)








_jspx_th_hy_attValue_0.setLongObject(new Long(1l));




_jspx_th_hy_attValue_0.setDoubleObject(new Double(1.1));




_jspx_th_hy_attValue_0.setBooleanObject(new Boolean(true));




_jspx_th_hy_attValue_0.setStringObject("Hello world!");


int _jspx_eval_hy_attValue_0 = _jspx_th_hy_attValue_0.doStartTag();


if (_jspx_th_hy_attValue_0.doEndTag() ==




acknowledgment true;




acknowledgment false;








I alone affected the adjustment that interacts with the tag chic out of the Servlet


class here. Agenda that:



  • The setter methods for the archaic data types are alleged with aspect values


    directly, except that "l" is added to the end of the value, like "1l".



  • The setter methods for the adhesive classes of the archaic data types are


    called with new altar instantiated with the aspect values.



  • How can Bobcat server amount out the chic blazon of the setter adjustment parameter?


    Could anyone advice me here?






Tag Aspect Amount Expression



In the antecedent sections, I alone talked about how to ascertain an aspect in a custom


tag, how aspect ethics are anesthetized to the tag class, and how aspect values


are adapted to actual data blazon appropriate by the tag class. Now let s attending at


the achievability of entering expressions as aspect ethics in a custom tag, similar


to JSTL tags.



Based on my readings on the Internet, announcement accent is not accurate directly


in custom tags in JSP 1.2. About there are two approaches to use expressions indirectly


in custom tags.



1. Using Java announcement elements as aspect values. You charge to ascertain the


attribute in the TLD book with <rtexprvalue>true</rtexprvalue>, then enter


the aspect amount with the afterward format:




<hy:tag att="<%=java_expression%>"/>




2. Using JSTL expressions and appraise them central tag class. You can access


a JSTL announcement in an aspect value, accustomed it by the setter adjustment


as a string, then appraise it to the admiration data blazon using the announcement


evaluation apparatus action by the JSTL.



The first access requires the JSP page to be accounting in a non-XML format. And


I don t like that format. So I am not traveling to try that.



The additional access seems to be absorbing and powerful. You can use it to canyon


an item of any chic as an aspect amount to the tag class. See the archetype




(Continued on next part...)




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